Fifth Water Hot Springs

Diamond Fork Canyon
Spanish ForkUtah  United States

This is Forest Service land. There are no fees. The only rules are to be respectful to others and help keep the place clean. Some people leave trash and clothes behind, so it's always nice to help clean it up a bit. Friday night and Saturday are always the busiest times. Weekends are not so...

2.5 (0 reviews)
Rude People at Hot Springs...

Went Friday 9/24. Found three places and when I got in some people came in but not nude... It should be if you want to skinny dip join, but if not find your own pool. I don't go in a pool if someone is clothed... I find my own pool...just fair....

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Anybody out there? This is Payson calling.

Is this going to stay online, or are we going to take time out of our busy week to do something you want to do. Practice nudity. I would be in for nude hikes or almost anything.


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