Gunnison Beach


Sandy HookNJ  United States

Gunnison Beach is one of several beaches located on Sandy Hook, a six-mile-long peninsula at the north end of the New Jersey shore, extending into New York Harbor. Sandy Hook, a unit of Gateway National Recreation Area, is known for exceptional beaches, wildlife, and fishing. Gunnison Beach,...

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Spring 2021 is here.

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Is the beach up and running in April 2021? Are there any Covid specific requirement to attend this beach? I might have a chance to go in a couple weeks. Would like to know any pertinent info. Thanks

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RE:Spring 2021 is here.

Yes, the beach is open and park entrance is free till memorial day. Just be aware that the water temp is still below 50 degrees which makes for a very cold beach day with any kind of wind . It can be 70+ a mile inland and drop to 55 when you get to Gunnison.

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RE:Spring 2021 is here.

Yes, i was there 5 days ago. Entrance is free, no COVID restrictions, and a handful of naturists even before noon.

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