Gunnison Beach


Sandy HookNJ  United States

Gunnison Beach is one of several beaches located on Sandy Hook, a six-mile-long peninsula at the north end of the New Jersey shore, extending into New York Harbor. Sandy Hook, a unit of Gateway National Recreation Area, is known for exceptional beaches, wildlife, and fishing. Gunnison Beach,...

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Polar Bare Plunge 2017!

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Recently got an email (somewhere else, not here). THE POLAR BARE PLUNGE IS APPARENTLY ON FOR 2017!

Note, it'll be JANUARY 8. Usually, it's been the first Sunday in January. But this year, that's New Year's Day. So I guess they decided to move it. I think I remember them doing that once before.

Again, the Plunge is supposed to happen at the stroke of 12 noon. The email asks people to gather at 11. A few years ago, I got there about 10 minutes late. You can work out what was the result of that--for me.

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