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Olive Dell Ranch is Southern California's favorite nudist resort for family and couples. Located in Colton, California, just a few miles from San Bernardino and Riverside, Olive Dell's central location and proximity to many of Southern California's main tourist attractions make it the...

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Come Hike, Explore the Backcountry of Olive Dell Ranch!

Approximately 25 acres of Olive Dell Ranch is dedicated to the 80 plus residents that live on the property.

The rest of ODR's 140 acres is open to hilltops and desert-like, rocky terrain, home to the many wild burros that roam freely throughout the backcountry. Although, the terrain presents itself as being arid, there is much vegetation that grows in the region. A host of native California trees and shrub keep the hillsides green year-round.

With an average daytime high of about 76F, little precipitation and mostly clear sunny skies throughout the year, the backcountry is also most ideal and open for those of us that enjoy hiking in the nude.
The hilltops surrounding Olive Dell and what makes up the hill country of Reche Canyon and the Badlands, reach an elevation of nearly 2,200 feet.

To the east of the ODR's residential community and the backcountry of Olive Dell lays the San Timoteo Badlands. Beyond the property lines of ODR lays hundreds of acres of open BLM property. ODR also has the neighboring backside of several large private ranches! All that adds up to even more open space to hike and explore!

Trails abound throughout the backcountry, many thanks to the ever-wandering burros and the occasional motor-cyclist! Where the cyclist tends to tear up the countryside, the burros actually create some decent, passable trails to hike!

These burro trails terry back and forth, zig-zagging the hillsides, leading to the many hilltops that surround and looks down on ODR. The hilltops of ODR offer spectacular vista views! From almost any vista view hilltop one can see the Three Saints; Mt. San Antonio to the north, Mt. San Gorgornio to the east and Mt. San Jacinto to east, south-east. The Three Saints are three major mountain peaks averaging over 10,000 feet in elevation.

While there are literally miles of burro hiking trails to trek in the backcountry, ODR offers over 5 miles of groomed, established and maintained hiking trails on the property.

These ODR hiking trails make up a series of trails that include the labyrinth trails of The Delly Maze, the Olive Dell Nature Trail and the 5K Loop Trail.

The Delly Maze is a series of short trails intertwining with each other leading back and forth from the Delly Bowl to the ODR Water Tank which down looks over the ODR community.

The Olive Dell Nature Trail is a short, 3/4-mile loop trail, that leads from the southeast trailhead at the ODR Playground and loops back to the northwest trailhead at the ODR Water Tank. Starting from the Playground trailhead, the trail heads eastward looping through the Gulch onto Golf Meadows and then looping back to the Water Tank via Donkey Meadows.

Along the way, while traversing the OD Nature Trail, there are a couple of loop trails, that will take you off the trail and back on.

One such trail is the Pegmatite Loop Trail which passes by the most visible Hike Naked rock sign. The sign (letters), which lays on the ground, is made of white rocks and lays almost ten feet big. The sign can be seen from many vantage and vista points throughout the hiking park. The sign is most visible to the occupants of the planes that routinely fly overhead!

Another such trail, is the Vista View Loop Trail. Again, looping off the OD Nature Trail, this short loop trail brings one to a hilltop affording a full 360-degree view of the Olive Dell community, all of the Three Saints, the Hike Naked sign and much of the park looking east.

There are three cut trails leading off the OD Nature Trail as well.

There's Donkey Meadows Cut. This trail is a quick cut from the OD Nature Trail on the south to OD Nature Trail to the north. The cut brings the traverser to Donkey Meadows and a section known as Boulder Patch. Boulder Patch is section of hillside looking west making home to many protruding boulders grouped close together.

Another cut trail is the Golf Meadows Cut. This trail cuts through the lower section of Golf Meadows, passing the Orange Picnic Table and connecting with the 5K Loop Trail at the low end of meadows.

Golf Meadows is a large open space virtually in the middle of the ODR trail park. Named for a golfing tee pad, some golf clubs and a bunch of golf balls that are stationed off the ODR fire access road, looking down and across this wide, open space. Here one can take a couple of practice swings.

Donkey Meadows is a smaller open space off the north loop of the OD Nature Trail, a short distance from the ODR Water Tank.

The 5K Loop Trail was established as a leg to Olive Dells annual Bare Burro 5K Trail Run. The 5K run takes place in April and draws hundreds of runners to the event.

The 5K Loop Trail intersects with the OD Nature Trail at the lower northwest corner of Golf Meadows. Following the 5K Loop Trail Bend from the junction, it loops back to the Meadows and connects with the 5K Loop Trail (South).

A short 1/4-mile walk on the 5K Loop Trail (South) brings one to the furthest section of trail, where the Loop turns back at Snake Alley and The Red Picnic Table.

Snake Alley, so named for the once seen, the largest rattlesnake to be found on the property, is a well-groomed picnic area. Snake Alley again is located at the farthest point of the established hiking trails and accessible both by trail and by the ODR Fire Service road.

From Snake Alley, looking east, the full range of the San Bernardino mountains (San Gorgornio) makes for an awesome view, especially during the winter time when the mountain tops are covered with snow.

The 5k Loop Trail (South) connects with the 5K Loop Trail (North) at Snake Alley and then turns back to Golf Meadows. Along the way, there is a painted, wooden bench to rest and have meditation. The bench is affectionally known as "BJ Bench".

The 5K Loop Trail (North) makes pass of what is called The Horseshoe, a smaller open meadow that makes up a portion of the larger Golf Meadows.

Once pass the Horseshoe, a choice can be made to hike the trails or walk the paralleling fire road that leads back to the community and clubhouse.

There are several colorful picnic tables and benches strategically place throughout the park and along the trails.

Again, all of ODRs established hiking trails are routinely maintained throughout the year and is being groomed to be of park-like quality, making a pleasant and enjoyable trek for the adventurous hiker.

Come, explore and experience, the freedom and full benefit of the nudist lifestyle by hiking Olive Dell. You're invited and most welcome!

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