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Olive Dell Ranch is Southern California's favorite nudist resort for family and couples. Located in Colton, California, just a few miles from San Bernardino and Riverside, Olive Dell's central location and proximity to many of Southern California's main tourist attractions make it the...

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Good day my wonderful nudist, I am newbie here and i love to work from home naked. i would love to make good friends from here too that we can share a lot about nudism thanks. feel free to send me an invite thanks.

its been ages i last went to the beach. i would love to make friends close by

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RE:hey nudist

Hi my name is David, and this is my story about the first experience I had at a nudist Park, many years ago when I was 30 or 40 years old I can't remember I saw an article on TV about a nudist Park, I thought that it would be very interesting to go check out, when I went out there it was a cool day and I sat and talked with the manager of the nudist Park while they were in the nude and I was not, there was one other person there besides me that was a nudist he was walking around and he came up and told us that we are not true nudest if we weren't enjoying the cool weather, anyway I went back several weeks later and checked in as a visitor the manager took me around and introduced me I was still in my close at that time after they got done introducing me they told me to go get comfortable and the minute I took off my close, I had a terrible headache before, but after I took off my clothes my headache went away it felt as though all the tension just left it was such a freedom to feel the breeze and the sun all over me, I made use of the hot tub and the swimming pool and then I laid out in the sun it was such a liberating feeling to be without close went back several times.

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