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11 miles E-NE of TitusvilleFL  United States

Some come because its a regular habit. Others come because they've heard about it. What have they heard? That Playalinda beach is one of Florida's few nude beaches. They heard correctly.Playalinda is located within the Cape Canaveral National Seashore and is a federally owned beach. Whether...

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October Vacation

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We live in the MidWest. For her birthday the wife wanted to go to Orlando and see the Mickey World sights. After a week driving around on the Highway of Death (US 4), getting lost, fighting traffic and then CROWDS, she was ready for a day at the beach.
Long ago, when the sun was bright and the birds just learning to fly I had visited Cape Canaveral to tour the rocket port and watch a Space Shuttle Launch. That sounded good so we went to the Cape to see the rockets, followed by a visit to Playalinda. The Park Ranger recommended the area between Lots 6 & 7 for the best collection of shells, so off we went. Didn't find many remarkable shells so it was time for the Birthday Surprise. We cruised down to Lot 13.
It was a good afternoon.
Since then we have made the long trip down there to spend time with the surf and sand along the National Seashore a couple times. We will be back for a week or so in mid October to celebrate her birthday, again, wearing our birthday suits and enjoying the sun, surf and sand.
Stop by and say "Hi!" There might be cake...

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RE:October Vacation

Let me know what day and I'll have the drive for cake and the beach!

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RE:October Vacation

Another visit done. And there was cake - a 5 layer with 5 kinds of chocolate.
Had one day get washed out as the tropical storm blew threw, but the rest of the visit was great.
Didn't meet anybody that said they were members of this site, but did meet several interesting people over our 2 weeks in the sun.
We got our winter tan and came back to the cold and snow, impatient for spring and time to go back. Several people told us that they also have annual April & October visits to Playalinda, so maybe we will meet again.

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