Playalinda Beach


11 miles E-NE of TitusvilleFL  United States

Some come because its a regular habit. Others come because they've heard about it. What have they heard? That Playalinda beach is one of Florida's few nude beaches. They heard correctly.Playalinda is located within the Cape Canaveral National Seashore and is a federally owned beach. Whether...

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Memorial Day weekend

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Anyone going over memorial weekend?
How far south is nude beach now?

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RE:Memorial Day weekend

All the way to the last, I think two or three parking areas. I go bitched at do walking to my truck and the restroom without putting clothes on. So beware the parking lot isn't clothing optional, even though the damn signs say that beyond said point, before the parking lot, that nudity could be encountered.

Why do we ever need clothes when not at work or in a business atmosphere, setting?
Wouldn't live be so much easier. Ah but then where would everyone hide their, um, gun. Lol

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