Sun Lovers Under Gray Skies (slugs)

PO Box 68843
SeattleWA 981680843 United States

The SLUGS is a Naturist Events club located in the Puget Sound area in the State of Washington. Most of our members live in the greater Seattle area, but we have members across Washington, Vancouver B.C., and in Oregon. Our activities cover all of these areas, and we make a special effort to...

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Membership processing back on track.

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After a challenging transition period, we have the new process up and running. Membership-card are arriving in people's mailbox as well as AANR & TNS cards. Fun events in the region have started, up in Canada's Wreck Beach to a series of Bare Buns Fun Runs, and another World Record attempt for Skinny-dipping. Get out there and enjoy this summer!

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