Sun Meadow Resort

30400 Sunray Trail
WorleyID 83876 United States

Sun Meadow Resort is a beautiful nudist resort for families, couples, and singles in the sunny Idaho panhandle near Coeur d'Alene Lake. Easily accessible by paved roads, we are a great year-round destination resort for nude recreation in the Northwest. A Personal note from the new owners, Mike...

4.30 (10 reviews)

Sold, Closing 2022

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Jan 3rd 2022. Closing. Sold to non-nudist. Do not know what will happen to the nudist single family homes.

Our favorite place.

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RE:Sold, Closing 2022

Ya I feel bad for those who bought a home in a nudist community and now it's not that any longer. We visited Sun Meadows several times from BC Canada and we looking at going there again this year. Just found out that Sun Meadows closed. Very sad! Now I guess we will go to Kaniksu instead.

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RE:Sold, Closing 2022

It was one of the very best places to visit, and sad it's no longer nudist. The homes nearby are quite nice.

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