Sun Ray Hills

P.O. BOX 246
BurlingtonWI 53105 United States

Welcome to Sun Ray Hills, the cheekiest nudist resort in Burlington, WI, where the sun smiles on every bare bottom! Nestled in scenic surroundings, this clothing-optional haven offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and friendly vibes. Whether you're a seasoned naturist or a newbie nudie, Sun...

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Personal Grooming

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I used to go to Sun Ray many years ago. I am planning a return visit in a couple of weeks. I've noticed the older I get the hairier I get. I am hoping one of the summer residents at Sun Ray would be able to do some personal grooming on me. I am not too hairy, but would need my chest, back, and male parts groomed.

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RE:Personal Grooming

I can grommed you in Chicago

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RE:Personal Grooming

Sun Ray is no more, closed and made into a gravel pit, What a LOSS.

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