Sycamore Creek

Mile Marker 212 on Beeline Highway
ScottsdaleAZ 85260 United States

Embrace the sun at Sycamore Creek, a popular spot among the naturist community in Scottsdale, AZ. Known for its serene landscapes and clear waters, this creek offers a delightful escape into nature where clothing is optional. Naturists and nudists relish the freedom of Sycamore Creek, making it a...

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It appears that more of the general public have found Sycamore Creek

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It is always nice to be able to go to naturist frequented locations where the general public do not go. However, over the Easter Holiday weekend according to main stream news, over 5,000 party goers were seen in the Sycamore Creek area. See report:
Tonto National Forest: Party-goers face violations after unauthorized party in Sycamore Creek
Crackdown underway in Tonto National Forest after illegal party Saturday night.
Posted at 4:09 PM, Apr 06, 2021
TONTO NATIONAL FOREST, AZ The Tonto National Forest says an unauthorized party in the Sycamore Creek area resulted in multiple violations, putting the public, Forest Service and first responders at risk.
Officials say more than 5,000 people attended the event northeast of the Valley, near Roosevelt Lake. Multiple people were cited for infractions including: double riding, reckless vehicle operation, blocked roadways, illegal use of fireworks, target shooting and DUIs.
The Forest Service says by the end of the night, there were seven vehicle accidents and multiple reports of stolen off-highway vehicles. Two quads also collided, injuring one person, who had to be evacuated by a medical helicopter because the roadways were blocked by party-goers.
Forest officials say a permit application must be submitted and approved for all commercial or non-commercial gatherings of over 75 people.
Maricopa County Sheriff's Office says they responded to the event and despite multiple violations, no arrests were made.

This is unfortunate but hopefully will not stop those who wish to be nude and hike in the Phoenix area.

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RE:It appears that more of the general public have found Sycamore Creek

Thats a different area. Thats the OHV area and they have been partying there for years.

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RE:It appears that more of the general public have found Sycamore Creek

Agree. OHV area at least 5 miles to the south. Always said am so glad Salt River Tubing is much closer to Phoenix than Syc Creek.

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