Sycamore Creek

Mile Marker 212 on Beeline Highway
ScottsdaleAZ 85260 United States

Embrace the sun at Sycamore Creek, a popular spot among the naturist community in Scottsdale, AZ. Known for its serene landscapes and clear waters, this creek offers a delightful escape into nature where clothing is optional. Naturists and nudists relish the freedom of Sycamore Creek, making it a...

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I heard that there is water

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I heard that, and I went out after a nude camping trip. The water was deep enough to lay down in it. was not deep but flowing. I did not hike up, No water to drink. But it was green and there was water. I wonder what the pools look like after the fires and mud.

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RE:I heard that there is water

Can confirm there is healthy amount of water in swimming holes. Deep in places, shallow in others. You will have to wade to find depth, but it is there. No swimming around parking lot. U have to trek up to holes. Flash floods of 3 weeks ago have cleared out the jungle. Way more open now. Has done a number on the shade trees. Where there used to be rock & dirt, now there is sand. Lots of it = heavenly beaches. Even the trails quite Sandy. You will be blown by how different it looks, but not in a bad way. Fall season starts there TOMORROW. And yes, water is flowing through the holes.

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