Sycamore Creek

Mile Marker 212 on Beeline Highway
ScottsdaleAZ 85260 United States

Embrace the sun at Sycamore Creek, a popular spot among the naturist community in Scottsdale, AZ. Known for its serene landscapes and clear waters, this creek offers a delightful escape into nature where clothing is optional. Naturists and nudists relish the freedom of Sycamore Creek, making it a...

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Where is nudity acceptable?

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I have been to sycamore creek a few times. I have noticed nudity in the parking lot area, hiking, and at the pools. But is there a rule about where one can be naked? Is it the whole area south of the highway, just the parking area by the silo, the trail to the pools, or just the pools themselves?

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RE:Where is nudity acceptable?

I would tread on the side of caution as textiles are now using the parking lot more and more. What makes the swimming holes safe and serene is the challenging hike up to them, particularly the creek crossings. I shed clothing after the first creek crossing. Actually it is safer hiking IN naked than hiking out naked. Think about it - textiles hiking OUT have likely already encountered nudity. The nude guys in the parking lot do not stray far from their vehicle. Anywhere near the highway is decidedly unsafe.

Still a month away from "the season" starting up.
Hope this helps.

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RE:Where is nudity acceptable?

I've been there a couple times. I've noticed that people are nude further back at the swimming pools and not where the cars are, due to being populated be textiles. which its safe for me to be nude at the swimming pools, and hike back to the pools fully clothed.

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