Tanque Verde Falls


TucsonAZ  United States

Explore the scenic beauty of Tanque Verde Falls, a popular destination located in the lush Sonoran Desert of Tucson, AZ. This charming trail offers a unique combination of natural splendor and a clothing-optional atmosphere, making it a favorite among naturists and nudist enthusiasts seeking a...

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Hiked in on 18 Sept 2019

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I hiked in today, starting at 10:20am and 92F. I parked at the "third" parking area; which is really just some small parking spots on the edge of the road.

The hike to the falls took 30 minutes. At the trailhead, I saw a couple leaving on the trail that I think goes straight to above the falls. I saw others hiking on this later in the trip.

I was the only one there and shed my clothes and hung out in the shade under the cliff. After about 20 minutes, a guy walked up, looking for the falls where you could cliff jump. He stood about 20 feet away, me sitting turned to the side. We talked for just a few minutes as I could not really hear him well over the sound of the water. He then turned and headed back downstream. I later saw him hiking out.

After about an hour, a military helicopter started a low pass up the canyon from downstream. I put my shorts back on, wanting to avoid possible trouble. I am sure they saw me anyway. As I watched it pass overhead, that is when I noticed a man standing on the cliff above the falls. He was nude, so I returned to my nude state also. He was watching the helicopter, not me. He then turned and continued up the trail. He was the only other nude person I saw the whole time.

Later I saw one other person up above, wearing shorts. I later saw him also hiking out.

After staying two hours, I then prepared to hike out. I put on some sunscreen, put my hydration pack back on and tied my shirt to my head for sun protection for my head and neck. Since I saw so few people the whole time, I carried my shorts rather than put them back on. I watched carefully for others the entire hike out, but saw no one. Hiking out nude was nice. I finally put my shorts back on when I got within sight of the road, near the top of the hill.

The day before, Tuesday, I hiked from the lower parking area up to the falls where people cliff jump. That hike took an hour and was more challenging. On Tuesday I also saw more cars up at the third parking area than I did on Wednesday.

Overall, I would definitely go again. I would like to test out the trail going straight to the beach area. But I definitely like being below the falls, in the shade. There was a nice breeze also.

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