Tanque Verde Falls


TucsonAZ  United States

Explore the scenic beauty of Tanque Verde Falls, a popular destination located in the lush Sonoran Desert of Tucson, AZ. This charming trail offers a unique combination of natural splendor and a clothing-optional atmosphere, making it a favorite among naturists and nudist enthusiasts seeking a...

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9 November 2019

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I went today to hike the upper trail going directly to the beach above the upper falls. I had not yet hiked that trail and wanted to explore it. It was 2pm and about 80F when I started.

For those who may not know, at the third parking area, there are two trailheads. The trail going to the beach starts across (right side) from the third parking area (on the left hand side). The third parking area has some parking areas on both sides of the road.

This trail is well maintained with steps built for the descents. A pleasure to hike. Definitely the best trail I have hiked at the falls thus far.

Once past the sign, I stripped off my shorts and started my nude hike down. After about 50 feet, I spotted an older, clothed couple coming around a corner (clothed people are easier to see). Encountering clothed people so early on the trail, I panicked a bit. I backed up the trail and put my shorts back on. They were within sight and likely saw what I was doing. Once we met on the trail, she commented about my dog and tried to pet her. No comment about my being nude a moment ago or about having shorts on now. Another hiker came up behind them, and he was nude. I said hi to the nude hiker and resumed my hike. Once past them, I promptly removed my shorts again. I was here to hike nude and felt justified in doing so now that I had seen another nude hiker on the trail.

I encountered another nude hiker further down the trail before I reached the beach area. At the beach area, there were two men lingering in the nude. I said hello and continued on my way. Even though it had rained in Tucson a couple days before, water was not running over the falls.

I wanted to hike up the wash and find out what was up the trail. I hiked along the wash, occasionally encountering single men and once a couple. I reached the old dam and decided to go further to get a feel where the nude area ends. About a quarter mile past the dam, it started to flatten out and I came within sight of an offroad vehicle trail crossing the wash. At that point, I turned around and headed back down. This was about 3pm.

I had seen about 8 people at locations above the falls, the couple and another man being the most seen at one spot. A few were wading, but most were lounging or standing around. Some of the pools had algae, but none were gross.

On the way back down, everyone I had met had departed. I did see two clothed men hiking, but we kept to our sides of the wash and did not acknowledge each other. I was concerned about being nude, but they had assuredly seen other nudes on their way up.

Once back at the beach, the young couple were about to head up.the trail to the parking lot. I let them get a head start while checking out the falls.

I then headed up the trail, nude of course. The couple were hiking slower than I, so I ended up catching up to them. She was clothed and he hiked nude. On the way back, I could see that anyone on the upper part of the trail could be seen from the right hand side parking area. But I continued nude all the same. Once at the sign at the top of the trail, I put on my shorts.

There was still time, so I hike down (clothed) the other trail leading to the top of the middle falls. No one was down there and I did not see anyone on that hike until near the top on my way out.

This is an awesome hike and I definitely recommend it to everyone else. The trail to the beach is in great shape. Thank you to whoever has has built it up and is maintaining it.

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