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The Wreck Beach Preservation Society (WBPS) began January 25, 1977, with the assault on Wreck Beach by authorities without public input. This assault by bulldozers and massive dredges, catapulted the beach to fame when beach users formed a small group called Citizens Concerned for Coward's...

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Skinnydip Day 2018 (July 22,2018)

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Hi everyone! I was on the AANR site two weeks ago and saw there was an event going on at Wreck Beach: Skinnydip Day 2018. Apparently about 4pm on Sunday the 22nd, there will be a giant group photo taken. There is a registration required, which is free, prior to the shoot. From the site post it looks like this has been done before previous years. A sponsor, Genex Capital is pledging $5 X the number of people in the photograph and all the money will benefit the Wreck Beach Preservation Society. I was curious as to how many others might be showing up for the event? Sounds like a great way to contribute!
I'm going to be up there mid-afternoon, Saturday the 21st and stay nearby through Monday morning. Be interested to see how many TNs are going.

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