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Bi in wv

My wife too has lost interest in sex after menopause. I have had some experience satisfying other males when younger. Now I have had more in my mature years. Enjoy masturbating on Skype (wvdad) or in person if near by. Keith

new and love to meet fellow bisex nudist...

Hi everyone. My name is Perry I am a single bisexual man of 61 years old and living on the island of Aruba. Now I have lived in europe for many years and there I became a true nudist in every sence of the word. I live my life as much as possible as...

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My dilema

I have had only a few bi experiences My wife has lost all desire for sex blaming menopause. so, I want more bi experiences preferably one regular guy. Bu I can't find anyone. I wonder how you meet guys Until then i masturbate which is not...

Another late bloomer

Just two weeks past my 62nd birthday did I officially become bisexual. It was a nice, clean and wonderful experience in the bedroom of a gay couple. I have long suspected, and ubiquitously hid, the fact that I had homo-erotic thoughts and desires...

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by JohnE44 
Trans girls

Have you ever considered a trans girl as a partner? I don't mean men dressed up as women, but beautiful young people who realised long ago that they felt that they were more female than male. Some of them go all the way and have radical surgery,...

The Kinsey Scale

Do you know what the Kinsey scale is? It measures whether you are gay, or straight or in the middle, bi. A short number of questions and you get a numerical score. Search Kinsey scale on the web and take the test and share your score. Men or women...

Silver Daddies

Anyone also on the Silver Daddies site?

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Greetings from Virginia!

First, thanks for adding me to the group! I'm always looking to make new friends, feel free to message me here or on Skype @ Fyrstar2010. Just mention that you come from this group when you send a friend request. Hope to talk to you all more...

Look to be a NUDE Butler Middle Tennessee

75 year old life long male nudist wanting to be your nude Butler Work for FREE just let me be 100 % naked at all times indoors and out PM me if interested tannaked

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