Growing up

When I grew up, we didnt have a nudism lifestyle. Well.. it wasnt called that, but my father was naked a lot of the times when he was at home. He took me to the naked swimmingpool each week, we showered together each evening and sometimes when my...

Father son bonding

Always wish I had a nudist bond with my dad. Grew up in a very conservative household and was always told to cover up even as a kid. I wish I had grown up in a nudist lifestyle . I want to have kids someday and teach them how to be comfortable in...

Bonding family!

I am very open minded and like to talk about bonding between dads/sons... you have any experience? tell me here or in private! like to talk about that with freedom!

skype group?

Any one into a Father Son skype group?

Connect with other guys

That would be great to connect with other guys who like to talk about this topic freely. If anyone wants to share, I'd be happy to talk to them! :)

My Father is my Inspiration

My father is a nudist since I've seen him from childhood. Me and my brother also fool around naked at home. As an Indian tradition small kids were oiled up before getting bathed. But my dad continued it till we were 10. He used to put oil on our...

Cabin and nature

I purchased a cabin in a remote area about two years ago and since then, my son Nick and I have been going up there every few weeks to spending time hiking, paddling, camping and a lot of it has been done free of clothing. It has become a really...

Seeing father

My dad had super lowhangers and a huge uncut cock. As a kid I was fascinated by his long foreskiin overhang. I thought when I got older Id grow one. Sorry that didnt work. Forever after love the look of uncut.

My dad and me bonding

My father is not a nudist, but he has no problem being naked at home. Since I was little I was like that, then I had a time when I was more shy, but after a few years I was not ashamed to be naked in front of him either. Now, every time I visit him...