Best way to meet someone

Ok let me preface this by saying I've been a social nudist for around 15 yrs both at resorts and international travel. I'm also a single male. Therein lies the problem, what's the best way to meet a single female thats into naturism when you have so many swinging dingalings trolling the internet with their kodak bones? There really aren't any local places to meet up with like minded people.

So ladies, gentlemen to, whats a phd educated late 30's guy gotta do? Really not looking to get into another relationship with someone that isn't open to it again. Open to suggestions. Thanks and happy holidays

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RE:Best way to meet someone

Let me say that I dont agree with a Blank photo as if you want to meet someone you want to know what they look like.How do you intend to meet someone without an idea of what he/she looks like. It would be even more confusing if you both had NO Photo.To me this means you have something to hide and you are not a true nudist

I agree a photo or two are needed but he only joined 25 days ago so give the guy a chance rather than assuming the worst. Coming out as a nudist isn't always easy.

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