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Finding real, respectful nudist to chat and...

I joined this site to make friends and chat with real nudist. Well, I have found more perverts than normal nudist that just want to chat and make friends so far. Why is it so hard?!? I'm not picky, I just want to connect with people like me who...

Ladies only???

I thought this area is supposed to be for women only. Most of the posts are from men, what is up with that????? I joined this website simply because I love to be nude and would love to find locations where I can relax and unwind while being nude...

Can a women's only forum exist?

Firstly, apologies for posting in a female forum, but I wanted your (female) feedback. I'm currently putting together a website for people that enjoy being nude, (and no I'm not here to advertise it). It has a forum for women only and and...

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Bigger is better?

I have a question for all the women out there. To you on men is the bigger the better

Intact or circumcized

I am asking all of you ladies this question!! How do you want your male partner to be? I'm asking this because, because I have been the long journey of restoring my natural look !!

Looking for nudist sugar baby

I'm Keith Hudson from Miami Florida looking for nudist sugar baby to chat with!


A genuine question - if you turned up for your waxing appointment and the therapist was male, what would you do ?

Hubby wanting others to see Me Nude

Hii... I just wanted to curiously ask something to the women also. Since its related to ladies as well....... I am been married since 1 year now. I have nice n caring husband. He is more open to nudism as compared to myself. We do stay naked at...


Dear Ladies, I'm new to the whole nudist world but I've managed to visit nudist beach this year. I'm looking for other females to talk about their experiences and meet for a cup of coffee. I'm working mostly in London so if you fancy...

Why is bra singular and panties plural?

It is not my intent to offend, or sound perverted, or actually trying to be humorous! I have heard others curious about "why" this is as it is. Maybe I haveaskedtoo manymen and only a fewwomen. Either way, I have not heard a decent...

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