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These Incredible Nude Photos Show How...

_ "It might not make that much sense why are people naked in the photos ... Thats them and thats what they look like, and no one is wearing any makeup ..." We all experience the world through our bodies. The body is the easiest target for...

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just wondered

Been in the chat room recently and just wondered why women are so afraid to talk to me and not give us a chance, we arent all bad

Naturist group

Hi Ladies,are there any of you in Edinburgh or South of Scotland who would like to come along to our naturist swims? We hold our club twice a month in Haddington,we would like to welcome along new members! The club is not exclusively for women,...

Nude Yoga, Co-ed or Ladies only?

Hello ladies!I teach a few nude yoga classes in Arizona.I've been running them co-ed, tho there are mostly males showing up thus far.A lot of my female friends love the idea of nude yoga but express that they would be more comfortable in a...

mothers and children

many mothers who are nudists invite their children to be nudists as they depend on the child and be nude or not. but there is also the secret of mothers who are nudists are saved and never tell you who like to nudism or just tell some children but...

Hairy or Shaved

Would love to know what you girls think about a mans you like it hairy or shaved? Please post your comments hereMr Eddie

Intact or circumcized

I am asking all of you ladies this question!! How do you want your male partner to be? I'm asking this because, because I have been the long journey of restoring my natural look !!

Grupo para nudistas whatsapp

Let's set up a group of whatsapp of naturists to contact and I'll be adding +5544991286475 or

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Ladies only???

I thought this area is supposed to be for women only. Most of the posts are from men, what is up with that????? I joined this website simply because I love to be nude and would love to find locations where I can relax and unwind while being nude...