The Ladies Room

Discussions on Female Related issues with Nudism

Is a complement in order?

I'd like to get the opinion of the ladies. Guys, unless you have first hand experience about this, please leave the comments to the ladies.I know that when a woman changes her appearance, it's nice to give her a complement on her new look....

What it really means to be nudist

Hi , I hope it's okay me posting like this. I'm a journalist looking to speak to a couple, preferably from the UK - though not essential - about what it really means to be a nudist. It is for an article to go into a women's magazine,...

I need help

I am currently trying to get a membership here in raleigh nc to triangle area nudist (TAN)...however as you can imagine they have a long list of single males looking to join and they have a strict gender ratio there... I have been put on a waiting...

Ladies room

I came here to see what the ladies have to say,hear their questions and responses. I find that 95 percent of all questions and responses are from men. The ladies really don't have a chance. BACK OFF, just listen. You could learn a lot.

looking for a dress for my daughters wedding

I'm going to purchase mother of the bride dress online, the bodice of the dress is made of tulle with lace without lining, the question is:what color should the I wear?

shaved or not....who cares! sheesh :P

I find it interesting how many guys want to know how many women shave "down there".Good gracious! Does it really make any difference? If you met a nice lady and you go out a few times and then find out she does or does not shave her pubic...

Our nude pictures

Just want to know what you think about being a nudist and exposed. I mean, we upload pictures that sometimes will appear in other sites for other purposes (you know what i mean) what do you think of that? are you aware of that? We as women are much...

Ease for Female Nudists

I feel that female nudity is a double edged sword. On one hand women have a degree of advantage of Men as their arousal when first becomingaccustomedto nudity can go un-noticed unlike a Man's erection. On the other hand, popular culture views...

Do bras do more harm than good?

Sorry to barge in like this, ladies, but my question got buried elsewhere, so I thought I'd ask it here. This comes on the heels of the "Implants" thread. Unlike women who have breast augmentation surgery, my wife hadbreast reduction...

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