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Tips of skin care

. Melt Vaseline and one chocolate chip a id="AdBriteInlineAd_chip" style="background: transparent url( repeat-x scroll center bottom; cursor: pointer; color:...

A message to some females (bis)

To some females, I have for you a message I post for a second time, the following one: When a male wants to add you on truenudists, it means he wants to be your friend, not your husband, neither your lover, nor your boyfriend; that's why its...

Personal ?

Hi, Im new here. My names Jim. I have a personal question to ask ans would like the advice of an older women and man. Cold some message me if the want to help, its a little embarrassing

You cant even spell how can you possibly be...

Thanks for the correction. I am Panamanian I learned the English language in 1 month. Did not have time to be correct. I fondle on words all the time. I Usually tell people that I don't need to look to smart. It is usually more embarrassing that...

Help! Perimenopausal Symptoms...

Hi Ladies, Does anyone have any natural tips/remedies to help alleviate the symptoms of perimenopause that they would care to share? The two that are getting to me the most are hot flashes and insomnia. I'm looking for natural remedies as I am a...


Hi there! My name is Sasha We are looking for models who would be interested in participating in Vanessa Beecroft live installation during an Art Basel event this Saturday in Miami

Why is bra singular and panties plural?

It is not my intent to offend, or sound perverted, or actually trying to be humorous! I have heard others curious about "why" this is as it is. Maybe I haveaskedtoo manymen and only a fewwomen. Either way, I have not heard a decent...


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