The Ladies Room

Discussions on Female Related issues with Nudism

How to make friendship with more nudist all...

Actually I am new here. I can't realize all features. So please nudist friends add me & give me a chance to explore.

Bras causing breast cancer?

So I listened to a new podcast today primarily covering health benefits of nudism. Apart from the obvious sun on skin advantage and perception of personal appearances, the podcast covered the topic of a study which proves that bras can cause breast...


So, we just got back from a few days at the Forty Acres Club in MO. It's been about 7 years since we've been. Back then most all of the ladies were shaved down there. On this visit most of the ladies were not completely shaved just well...

The AWWWW Feeling

Today as I was walking out of worship and then waiting in by my car for the long line of traffic, I stood in a Easter dress with the proper undergarments doing their thing. The thought of the nudist resort that is only 10-15mins from the church came...

Ladies Room

I am so glad there is a forum called "Ladies Room" where women can come and chat about things. But my question is, 'Where are all the Ladies?' Oh wait I know where they are! Just not here because of all the men,,,,


Why is it anyone's business whether I am shaved, groomed... wth is this lunacy? GO TO AN ADULT SEX SIGHT IF THIS IS WHAT YOU'RE INTERESTED IN TALKING ABOUT. STOP ASKING ME THIS IN CHAT ROOMS!!! To all the gentleman and ladies I've spoken...

Involuntary Behavior

In regards to proflied erection the following needs to be said.To think that this all started with the denunciation of somebodys profile picture with him excited. This is where this nonsense should have stopped, but some of the most intelligent...

just wondered

Been in the chat room recently and just wondered why women are so afraid to talk to me and not give us a chance, we arent all bad

Naturist group

Hi Ladies,are there any of you in Edinburgh or South of Scotland who would like to come along to our naturist swims? We hold our club twice a month in Haddington,we would like to welcome along new members! The club is not exclusively for women,...

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