The Ladies Room

Discussions on Female Related issues with Nudism


Why is it anyone's business whether I am shaved, groomed... wth is this lunacy? GO TO AN ADULT SEX SIGHT IF THIS IS WHAT YOU'RE INTERESTED IN TALKING ABOUT. STOP ASKING ME THIS IN CHAT ROOMS!!! To all the gentleman and ladies I've spoken...

Involuntary Behavior

In regards to proflied erection the following needs to be said.To think that this all started with the denunciation of somebodys profile picture with him excited. This is where this nonsense should have stopped, but some of the most intelligent...

just wondered

Been in the chat room recently and just wondered why women are so afraid to talk to me and not give us a chance, we arent all bad

Naturist group

Hi Ladies,are there any of you in Edinburgh or South of Scotland who would like to come along to our naturist swims? We hold our club twice a month in Haddington,we would like to welcome along new members! The club is not exclusively for women,...

Kinda upset

Well, my wife and I are new to the nudist lifestyle. Browsing around the site we clicked the gallery only to find only modelish women. Not a single 'normal' looking nudist. Nor a single man. Neither of us are feeling good about it. Can...

Is a complement in order?

I'd like to get the opinion of the ladies. Guys, unless you have first hand experience about this, please leave the comments to the ladies.I know that when a woman changes her appearance, it's nice to give her a complement on her new look....

What it really means to be nudist

Hi , I hope it's okay me posting like this. I'm a journalist looking to speak to a couple, preferably from the UK - though not essential - about what it really means to be a nudist. It is for an article to go into a women's magazine,...

I need help

I am currently trying to get a membership here in raleigh nc to triangle area nudist (TAN)...however as you can imagine they have a long list of single males looking to join and they have a strict gender ratio there... I have been put on a waiting...

Ladies room

I came here to see what the ladies have to say,hear their questions and responses. I find that 95 percent of all questions and responses are from men. The ladies really don't have a chance. BACK OFF, just listen. You could learn a lot.

looking for a dress for my daughters wedding

I'm going to purchase mother of the bride dress online, the bodice of the dress is made of tulle with lace without lining, the question is:what color should the I wear?

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