How to deal with heavy flow

Sorry to intrude, but my wife and I were planning to attend a naturalist event this weekend, but my wife started her monthly cycle a few days ago. She doesn't have a problem being nude, but also doesn't want to leave traces of blood in the pool, hot tub ...
Her flow has been particularly heavy and rather feels as though she might need a pad in addition to a tampon. She doesn't want to roam around with a bikini brief all weekend as that would make it seem as though she was uncomfortable nude. She also doesn't want to have to explain the situation.
Do we just skip this weekend, or are there other ways of dealing with the issue?
Her comfort is important.

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RE: How to deal with heavy flow

Hi, as luck would have it, it seems more times than not we are going to a nude resort and I am on my period. I have heavy flow. It happened last weekend too. What I do is just buy some of the smaller kotex and cut the strings off and use two of them. I use the restroom more to check that everything is ok or go to our room to change them out more often. I've never had an issue. It's not the easiest things to get out but oh well, I want to enjoy myself. I just know when I die, I have one question for God, why the F did you have to put us through that every month! hahahaTeamH2 Please permit me to make a suggestion that might make things easier for you. You say that you cut the strings short and then they're not the easiest things to get out. Instead of cutting the strings short why don't you try to camouflage them instead? Try taking a permanent marking pen with a wide tip and color the strings. If you're natural down below, dark strings will blend right in with the natural background. If you're trimmed smooth, you should be able to find a flesh colored marking pen and then trim the strings at the skin line. Remember this area of the body is usually darker than the rest of your body so you have to find a darker shade. If you're really adventurous and want to shake things up, you could try a bright red color and cut them short. LOL As for the question that you'd like to ask God, I don't have any real answers for you but I'm thankful that the ladies are willing to go through that child bearing hassle. We thank you and honor you all for that.

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