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ErectionsThis is my thoughts on photographs of erection. Yes, theyare a part of being a man and they are handy when you actually need one, but itis not every time I see your profile. But when I see them on a profile I findthem rude, they are...

Hello nudist ,summer coming :)

I looking to meet with nudist in Southend on sea I live there,near to the beach :)I like to be naked :) Or Essex,London

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Best way to meet someone

Ok let me preface this by saying I've been a social nudist for around 15 yrs both at resorts and international travel. I'm also a single male. Therein lies the problem, what's the best way to meet a single female thats into naturism when...

Why Are You Staring At Me?

I love to meet people. I should be easy to recognize if you see me in a setting. If you see me in your setting please invite me. I am a pretty cool guy very aggressive in adventuring and education, other than that I am very shy. So if you see me go...

Bigger is better?

I have a question for all the women out there. To you on men is the bigger the better

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Apologies in advance for barging into the ladies room uninvited, but I have a question for which I would welcome a feminine perspective: Is a willingness to present yourself to others nude the ultimate expression of self-acceptance?

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Hubby wanting others to see Me Nude

Hii...I just wanted to curiously ask something to the women also. Since its related to ladies as well.......I am been married since 1 year now. I have nice n caring husband. He is more open to nudism as compared to myself. We do stay naked at home...

(((((( TN Tips For The Single Girl. ))))))

((((( Last Page ))))) Beware! .... Very often, a seemingly attractive young girls profile, will be Fake, and actually be a "bad actor" (trying not to use the 'P' word here:) pretending to be a girl, in order to befriend young girls,...

Women: Facing Issues, Overcoming Challenges...

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Women: Confronting Issues, Overcoming...

If you believe that you have stories that may inspire others, youmay want to discuss about it,write it down in a diary or online blog, and share it with otherswho might be in the same situation. The second part of a similar topic can be found here -...

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