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5 Women On Why They're Done Shaving...

"... When I first noticed hair growing in my pubic area, my instinct was to shave it all off. Not because the sight of it frightened me Id been told to expect it from a certain age but because something about removing my pubic hair made me...

Before and After

When I remember how shy, scared, and unsecured I used to be before nudism, I realize that NUDISM has to be a basic right for all of human beings. Share with me your thoughts!

First time

I have started going naked little by little the first step is I am going with out underwear and have been slowly sleeping with out pants at night.. I want to go fully naked soon but my mom does not believe in being naked and I know you cant do it in...

How Going To A Nude Beach At 59 Empowered Me

Two of my close friends had been asking me to come with them to their favorite nude beach ... After turning down their invitations for months and months, however, curiosity got the best of me. I had to figure out why they loved it so much. Her...

These Incredible Nude Photos Show How...

_ "It might not make that much sense why are people naked in the photos ... Thats them and thats what they look like, and no one is wearing any makeup ..." We all experience the world through our bodies. The body is the easiest target for...

A Womens Guide to Skinny Dipping

"Here are my thoughts, and my advice for women who want to experience the exhilaration, liberation, and ..." Her Story:

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Women: Facing Issues, Overcoming Challenges 2

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Nudist mental health

How girls have been psychologically affected by the practice of nudism?

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WH Investigates: Women Who Walk Around Naked...

_ Are you one of them? Article:

just wondered

Been in the chat room recently and just wondered why women are so afraid to talk to me and not give us a chance, we arent all bad