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Hello nudist ,summer coming :)

I looking to meet with nudist in Southend on sea I live there,near to the beach :)I like to be naked :) Or Essex,London

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Why Are You Staring At Me?

I love to meet people. I should be easy to recognize if you see me in a setting. If you see me in your setting please invite me. I am a pretty cool guy very aggressive in adventuring and education, other than that I am very shy. So if you see me go...

Bigger is better?

I have a question for all the women out there. To you on men is the bigger the better

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Apologies in advance for barging into the ladies room uninvited, but I have a question for which I would welcome a feminine perspective: Is a willingness to present yourself to others nude the ultimate expression of self-acceptance?

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(((((( TN Tips For The Single Girl. ))))))

((((( Last Page ))))) Beware! .... Very often, a seemingly attractive young girls profile, will be Fake, and actually be a "bad actor" (trying not to use the 'P' word here:) pretending to be a girl, in order to befriend young girls,...

Women: Confronting Issues, Overcoming...

If you believe that you have stories that may inspire others, youmay want to discuss about it,write it down in a diary or online blog, and share it with otherswho might be in the same situation. The second part of a similar topic can be found here -...

Self defence

My girlfriend recently had to defend herself from a guy on a nudist beach.She s a black belt in karate and put the guy in hospital when he tried to grab her,has any other women nudist been attcked while nude bathing?

Landing strip for guys

Ladies, I asked the guys what they thought, but wanted to get your opinion as well. Would you say you prefer guys who have their pubic hair shaped like a landing strip or no hair at all? Does it even make a difference?

Philippine Nudist Group

Any Filipino here? living outside or inside the Philippines archipelago ?

Free The Nipple

Pardon me ladies, for posting on your turf. On Twitter, there is a movement called Free The Nipple. It is about women claiming their right to be topless if they choose, just like men. When it's hot and miserable, why shouldn't a woman have...