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making new friends

my name is jawad deeb i would like to meet mature couples 60+ or mature females 60+ who would love to be in the nude in their private home, sexually open and live in the greystanes area western suburbs of sydney interested call on 0409387871


i was wondering what clothes you gals have in your wardrobe?I personally have 2 dresses, 1 skirt, 2 pairs of socks, 2 sweaters(Handmade), 1 sports bra and 2 pieces of lingerieOf course i have a winter jacket and spring jacket.Share ladies and see who...

How many of you girls started nudity all by...

I started being a nudist about a month ago, I got real curious on how it would feel to have the wind and sunlight feel on my bare body. I stripped down to nothing then layed under my skylight and let the wind and sunlight wash over my body and loved...

Looking to make friends!

Hi, My name is Kim, I am looking to chat with girls. I am new to this site and still figuring it out I would appreciate any help and nice chats with girls. Please message me

divorce dad and transexual looking for single...

my nameis greg I live in franklin,ten imlooking for openminded woman who would enjoy a male that looks and behaves as a normal female,also im a nudist I need help of all females in this room

Help with big breast

Hello can anyone help I have a girl friend with big breast she has a problem even letting me see them some times we have just been to a nudist club and on the 2nd day she got half naked but stayed away from people there when she did that I was so...

Female nudism

I was wondering if there are many woman out there in the nudism world who are married to men who are not into being naked. I know there are many men who their wife's look down upon it if they know about it at all, but was wondering from the...

Looking for women opinion: shaved or not...

I would like to have an opinion from women. What do you think of shaved men? Which part of a the body of a man do you prefer shaved? (please, copy and add Yes or No) 1) Neck 2) Shoulders 3) Back 4) Chest 5) Abdomen 6) Armpits 7) Arms 8) Hands 9)...

Women in Naturism Weekend - June 2-4, 2017

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