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(((((( TN Tips For The Single Girl. ))))))

((((( Last Page ))))) Beware! .... Very often, a seemingly attractive young girls profile, will be Fake, and actually be a "bad actor" (trying not to use the 'P' word here:) pretending to be a girl, in order to befriend young...

Women: Confronting Issues, Overcoming...

If you believe that you have stories that may inspire others, you may want to discuss about it, write it down in a diary or online blog, and share it with others who might be in the same situation. The second part of a similar topic can be found...

Self defence

My girlfriend recently had to defend herself from a guy on a nudist beach.She s a black belt in karate and put the guy in hospital when he tried to grab her,has any other women nudist been attcked while nude bathing?

Landing strip for guys

Ladies, I asked the guys what they thought, but wanted to get your opinion as well. Would you say you prefer guys who have their pubic hair shaped like a landing strip or no hair at all? Does it even make a difference?

Philippine Nudist Group

Any Filipino here? living outside or inside the Philippines archipelago ?

Need a nudist women's advice!

I am a 26 year old female and I'm currently in a 3 year relationship. My boyfriend told me a little less than a year that he loves being nude all the time and would like to go to nude beaches/resorts/camps. I agreed and we did go to a nude beach...


Just looking to make friends with some women in America if possible. I have tried myself but no luck, so If you would like to chat, get in touch :)

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How to deal with heavy flow

Ladies, Sorry to intrude, but my wife and I were planning to attend a naturalist event this weekend, but my wife started her monthly cycle a few days ago. She doesn't have a problem being nude, but also doesn't want to leave traces of blood...

When nude I always have to pee

I'm doing this research for my wife. In recent years, she feels like she has to pee whenever she isn't wearing panties. This happens whether it's sleeping nude, around the house or on the beach. I thought it was pretty strange, but...

How Natural is Natural?

I've noticed many, if not most, people around here enjoy being nude for the sake of being "more natural". Makes sense, but I'm curious. I do not shave my body (legs, underarms, pubes, etc.) as I love the look and feel of what my...