Women: Confronting Issues, Overcoming Challenges

If you believe that you have stories that may inspire others, you
may want to discuss about it,
write it down in a diary or online blog, and share it with others
who might be in the same situation.

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RE: Women: Confronting Issues, Overcoming Challenges

''As women, how often do we really see each other au naturel and
actually feel comfortable?

... Looking around the sea of naked bodies I felt immense

I don't wax. I have stretch marks on my hips from having a
My left boob is a little bigger than my right boob. When was the
last time I shaved my legs?
Oh my God, that 50-year-old woman's breasts are bigger than
Will my ass look like that when I'm 70? No. God no!

... Why was it my first impulse to compare my body to everyone
else's? Why was I cataloging every inch
of cellulite I saw? Why was I obsessing over how awful I thought I

Her full story here.

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RE: Women: Confronting Issues, Overcoming Challenges

'' ... We make assumptions about people based on race, religion,
sex, gender. We assume that if someone is fat, they must be

If they are thin, they must be healthy.
If they don't have any children, they must not want any.
If they have 19 children, they must be stupid.
If they stay home, they love their children.
If they chose career, they must be selfish/can't stand their
children/are greedy.

We assume a lot about people, and especially about their bodies.
Maybe it somehow seems more reasonable to make assumptions about
the things we can see.

What do we assume about a woman? About her body? There are stories
behind those bodies, beyond the assumptions.''

Her full story here.

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RE: Women: Confronting Issues, Overcoming Challenges

''When my husband and I vacationed in Jamaica recently, we took a
side trip. We got ourselves a day pass to a different kind of
resort. A nude resort.

I didn't promise my husband I would go through with it. ''When we
get there, I may chicken out,'' I warned. And he was okay with
leaving that option open.

But I was curious. Not especially curious about everyone else.

Curious about ME. Curious about how I feel about completely
revealing my body.

I did it. I revealed my body. I discovered my body.

And I discovered a few interesting ideas ...''

Her full story here.

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RE: Women: Confronting Issues, Overcoming Challenges

''Hours before the event, I had stared at my naked body in front of
my mirror, analyzing each and every thing
I liked or disliked about it ...

Then I thought about what others might not like about my body.
Surely, most would find my gut unattractive.
I don't love my gut, but I welcome it as part of the package deal
that gave me my sizeable ass, breasts, and thighs.
Actually, my thighs could be considered unattractive as well.
They're far too mighty to have one of those quaint little
gaps thin girls hashtag about. Then there's the stretch marks,
cellulite, and thick mound of pubic hair ...

I couldn't quite figure out why this was so hard for me ...''

Her full story here.

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RE: Women: Confronting Issues, Overcoming Challenges

''... random people from my school instant messaged me
telling me I was fat, making fun of
my hairy arms (thanks, Italian genes!), and pointing out how stubby
my legs were. I remember
crying myself to sleep some nights asking a higher deity to PLEASE,

... Because people always pointed out my weight throughout my life,
I started believing there was
something wrong with me on the inside, too. I was conditioned to
think I was ugly on the outside,
and the ugliness seeped through my skin, dripping onto my inner

There's no way anyone could love me, right?''

Her full story here.

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RE: Women: Confronting Issues, Overcoming Challenges

''I wonder what it would take now for me to nude up?

... what do I think of my naked body? ... I look at her in the
mirror and think there I am,
for all my faults and fears, there I am ...''

Her full story here.

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RE: Women: Confronting Issues, Overcoming Challenges

''Once upon a time, not so very long ago, I was one of the (sadly,
many) women who hated what she saw when she looked in the

I was cruel to my body on a daily basis.

My stomach sticks out. I can't sit down without creating fat rolls.
Look at those love handles.
I hate my cellulite. My arms are flabby. My butt is too big.
If I had more willpower with food and exercise, I would have a
better body.

Sound familiar?''

Her full story here.

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RE: Women: Confronting Issues, Overcoming Challenges

''I came to the conclusion that you had a couple of options: If
you're going to complain about your body,
you really have to actively change it. But if you don't want to
change it, you have to accept it ...

I have every reason, according to the conventional beauty
standards, to feel bad about my body, but when
women who, in my opinion, conform to those conventional beauty
standards and ...''

Her full story here.

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RE: Women: Confronting Issues, Overcoming Challenges

''... To do so forgets that no person deserves to be reduced to an

... When you are told enough times that you do not deserve to be
treated as someone
of worth, you lie in bed at night and begin to agree.

It has been a huge task for me to muster any kind of self-worth
after being told every day for three years that I don't deserve

... Why did it make people treat me that way?''

Her full story here.

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RE: Women: Confronting Issues, Overcoming Challenges

HER: ''... Why not go naked? From the moment I first lowered
my body into the water, I returned to that euphoric sensation of
releasing all inhibitions and soothing my entire body...

... so one afternoon after I'd woken I decided to go for a swim in
the pool. He saw my swimsuit hanging over the side of the pool
(very Petticoat Junction-ish for any of you old enough to remember
the show) and was amazed. He came and looked in and said with
''Baby, you're naked!''

At first I was nervous he would be upset over it, but I saw his
eyes and the smile that appeared immediately after, when I said,
''Do you mind?''

HIM: ''... How I wished I could swim naked. This
brings up Boy Scouts again. It was not uncommon for the
scouts to go skinny dipping
on our outings as most campouts were near a lake, stream, or
river. We thought nothing of stripping down and getting in
the water.
It was natural. It did not feel weird. It was fun.

And so went my teenage years.

... One day I got home from work and did not find her in bed asleep
and started looking for her. I found her out in the pool. As
I approached her
I noticed her swimsuit hanging over the edge of the pool. I
asked what's with the swimsuit... I stood there with my mouth agape
in surprise.

She said something, but I couldn't hear a word, my only thought

Their full story here.

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