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How to deal with heavy flow

Ladies,Sorry to intrude, but my wife and I were planning to attend a naturalist event this weekend, but my wife started her monthly cycle a few days ago. She doesn't have a problem being nude, but also doesn't want to leave traces of blood in...

When nude I always have to pee

I'm doing this research for my wife.In recent years, she feels like she has to pee whenever she isn't wearing panties. This happens whether it's sleeping nude, around the house or on the beach. I thought it was pretty strange, but...

How Natural is Natural?

I've noticed many, if not most, people around here enjoy being nude for the sake of being "more natural". Makes sense, but I'm curious. I do not shave my body (legs, underarms, pubes, etc.) as I love the look and feel of what my...

my wife has turned the corner.

The other week my wife and I went for a weeks Holiday in Nha Trang Vietnam.Within a few days she was always naked in the hotel room. We often went swimming at the local beach and one day whilst swimming with only a few other people in the immediate...

Finding Like minded Friends

I am looking for genuine nudist friends to be able to hang out naked with, watch a film or just sit and chat.This seems an almost impossible mission. All my friends think im crackers, or its the old its a sexual naughty thing.Any perls of wisdom on...

Male *vs* Female Toplessness/Being Shirtless

I'm going to post thisquestion both the Men's Room as well as the Women's Room to get both perspectives. I welcome your friend requests, too.Why, at least in America, is it so socially acceptable for men go shirtless, and it's so...

healthy bodyweight

As a nudist we are comfortable with our bodies. But I know for sure that there are some of you (including me) who would like to loose some weight. I didn't like my belly, it began to grew and I grew some lovehandles. I knew I had to do something...

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mothers and children

many mothers who are nudists invite their children to be nudists as they depend on the child and be nude or not. but there is also the secret of mothers who are nudists are saved and never tell you who like to nudism or just tell some children but...

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shaved or not?

i just want to open a topic like this as i am wondered what everybody believes...

closet nudist female with a question

Ok, so i've you've read my other post, I'm a closet nudist. I'm mainly only nude when I'm home alone and occasionally at a friend's house. But I do have a question for other women. What do you do during that time of the month?...

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