RE:Did you growup in a nudist home?

Grew up with nudist family :) It was completely normal for us. My folks were a bit progressive I knew all along (they have passed) and I appreciate the openness they instilled in me. But I suppose they, and most of us, are probably a bit ahead of our time when we consider society in general. I've been hopeful that I'd find a man to raise a family of my own with similar experiences, but we'll see. Time will tell and until then I'll just keep enjoying myself and loving life!

More bullshit from a profile using stolen photos.

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RE:Did you growup in a nudist home?

I grew up in a strict Catholic house. The parents did not even allow them to walk around in the flat with their underpants. In the sports club then this changed fortunately. After the hour we often went swimming together naked. My parents did not agree with it at all. About 10 years ago I had an accident. During the recovery then told me a doctor, that I should try to live more for my ideals than for others.
Since that time I am naturist, with almost all its consequences.

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RE:Did you growup in a nudist home?

This was a good question. The guys room does have lots of comments about men in changing rooms . I've sometimes wondered about this as I have 3 sisters and was naked in front of them a bit when growing up but not them with me once puberty kicked in. My wife has 3 sisters and I think they were naked around each other similarly but not around their dad after puberty and certainly he was not in front of them. One of them pushed the envelope and was naked more than the others but they are not nudists.

Interesting to read how some women came to nudism as such.

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