RE:Did you growup in a nudist home?

I grew up in a strict Catholic house. The parents did not even allow them to walk around in the flat with their underpants. In the sports club then this changed fortunately. After the hour we often went swimming together naked. My parents did not agree with it at all. About 10 years ago I had an accident. During the recovery then told me a doctor, that I should try to live more for my ideals than for others.
Since that time I am naturist, with almost all its consequences.

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RE:Did you growup in a nudist home?

This was a good question. The guys room does have lots of comments about men in changing rooms . I've sometimes wondered about this as I have 3 sisters and was naked in front of them a bit when growing up but not them with me once puberty kicked in. My wife has 3 sisters and I think they were naked around each other similarly but not around their dad after puberty and certainly he was not in front of them. One of them pushed the envelope and was naked more than the others but they are not nudists.

Interesting to read how some women came to nudism as such.

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RE:Did you growup in a nudist home?

I posted something like this here before but it somehow got deleted. So here it is again. I also reposted it in the 'Raised Nude' Group.

My sister and I grew up in a nudist home in the eastern part of San Diego, CA. Although our parents were not raised as nudists, they had found the positive values and benefits of social nudism in the 1950s and our family had been part time practicing social nudists ever since.

In about 1960 it was decided that we would become a full time nudist family, both at home and socially. We would still attend the typical work and school related functions, but for the most part social friends would be other nudist families and friends.

Mom and dad were not religious but were very conservative and taught us wholesome nudist values. They taught us that nudity was normal and being nudists was not about being naked but being free to wear or not wear what ever we wanted whenever it was appropriate. Growing up in this way we knew that nudity did NOT equal sex and we never confused the presence of a nude person as some form of implied consent or invitation for sexual or abnormal behavior.

As conservative nudists we were always careful not to 'expose' others to our nude lifestyle and to the 'textile' world our home was like any other. We NEVER answered the door nude unless we absolutely knew it was an invited nudist friend. Our windows were properly obscured from view from outside. And yes, we closed the doors to the bathroom when in use because we are nudists, not animals.

At our home nudity was never mandatory but it was the norm and we were nude when practical and appropriate. Everyone was welcome engage in all normal everyday activities, wearing whatever they wanted, even nude. These activities were engaged in with the same level of discretion and decency as they would be in the textile world.

At first we lived in town and our nudity was limited our weekends at one of the local nudist camps, either Swallows or Samagatuma. Then in 1962 we moved into our new secluded house in the country and were able to enjoy nudity almost anywhere on the property. It was perfect for indoor and outdoor clothes free living and entertaining. Additionally, we were less than 5 miles from Swallows, where we went almost every weekend.

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RE:Did you growup in a nudist home?

I am amazed how this topic started off dealing with just women and like only 6 posts are from women and the rest from the guys and this is the Ladies discussion room.
Can we please keep the Ladies discussion room to the ladies and the men to the Men's discussion room.

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RE:Did you growup in a nudist home?

You're right. My post was from my experiences. I kind of lost sight of the fact that it was the "Womens Room".

My wife also grew up in a nudist home, but with many differences.
I'll try to get her to write or dictate a post from her point of view.

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