why Common people hate Nudist?

Why common people hate Nudist?

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RE:why Common people hate Nudist?

Because it isn't the norm and they are out of their comfy zone.

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RE:why Common people hate Nudist?

They don't.

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RE:why Common people hate Nudist?

i don't see hatred at all. What I do sometimes see is fear. Fear of being judged and fear of being objectified. I also see a lack of understanding with people wondering why we'd prefer to be clothes free. And lastly, nudists are common people too. We're spouses, family and community members who just happen to enjoy the freedom of being nude.

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RE:why Common people hate Nudist?

Group and social pressure, also I do see more prudeness the last couple of years in locker/shower rooms.
Sad to say this is more or less influenced by political correctness in the teaching of young children towards nudity.
I remember growing up in the 80s in primary school, we always showered with the girls and swimmed naked in summer.

Nowadays the attitude towards nudity is changed/changing.
We have a lot of newcomers in our country and some religions or lifeview do not accept or embrace nudity. At least , this is thought.
School teachers do not dear to "possibly offend" people and I hear stories about children wearing swmmingtrunks in the shower at school!

But it is just so towards the person(s) you meet: Last year I encountered a former refugee with his young children. I was swimming / sunning naked with a small group. I asked him if it was ok, he replied "no problem, this is a free country, it is good to feel free". Most people are ok with it, I think 50/50% ratio.

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