RE:Booted out of chat room


Certain people in that room get away with flouting the rules over and over again with their bullying onboxious and cowardly behavior, yet others are booted for using capitals or asking the same question twice in ten minutes. Moderation is difficult, I've done the job myself andsome are better than others: but what passes there as 'moderation' is nothinng of the sort-it is bullying pure and simple.

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RE:Booted out of chat room

I wouldn't fancy being a mod, but it seems there are always people complaining of booting. Maybe a warning system for lesser offences would work better!

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RE:Booted out of chat room

In the interests of of a balanced opinion....

When I first joined, I was on cam showing face and upper torso. I was encouraged by quite a few men to show my lower torso and then to start touching myself.... I found this a turn on at the time....

I was contacted by a moderator in pop up windows that I was in contravention of rules....those pop ups I didn't see immediately.

Eventually I saw them and then realised I had been targeted as a noob and stupidly went along with the ego-boosting comments I was getting.

I did apologise to the mod and advised what had happened. I was so embarassed about it - because I am NOT gay...yet here I had allowed myself to be put into such a position due to selfish egotistical greed.

You know what? I wasn't kicked. I was shown where I had gone wrong and I have stayed a member on here for many years after.

Times could have changed and if it happened today I suspect I'd be kicked (I'd kick me now for doing that).

Just my thoughts

Take care out there!


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RE:Booted out of chat room

I was muted when I answered a question someone asked me about. I mentioned the word "skype" and was muted. when I tried to explain, I was told argueing only makes it worse in the chat room for me. How can you maintain your reputation in the room if you can't clarify a misunderstanding? Sometimes mods drop the hammer before they find out if it is warranted

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RE:Booted out of chat room

The mods are trying to control too much. There have be many instances where they overstep the mark. I find the chat room seems to be for the regulars who know each other whilst the rest get silenced or ignored. Now in the new chat room we can't even do private cams between friends. We have to see the chat room that we don't use as cams can't be bigger. I don't think I'll be renewing my membership sadly.

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