What's the best resort in Land O' Lakes, Florida

So I was at Paradise Lakes back in 2010. I wasn't too thrilled with how not many amenities were available and how not busy it was. I guess considering it was August, it would be a bad time of the year down there. I didn't really put that into consideration because I rarely travel down there. Anyway if I were to go back down there in the future, I'm trying to decide what's the best place to go to. It would be out of Paradise Lakes, Lake Como, or Caliente. Again, I was already at PL. LC seems like it's a more laid-back older type of resort which I'm not really into. I'm into more of the busy party places. Aside from that, Caliente just seems too expensive. So I need some suggestions from people who either are from that area or have been to at least one of those resorts enough. Thanks.

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RE:What's the best resort in Land O' Lakes, Florida

Caliente without question.

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