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Where have you been?

We posted this as a place to list the resorts you've visited. Our list is short but not to bad since we only started going to resorts in May of 2017. TEXAS-Wildwood(probably 20+ times), Sandpipers, Nature's Resort, Emerald Lake and...

Nudism and Diversity

"... the Columbia couple hoped to find a judgment-free zone to relax. Instead, the tour and the people they met only made them feel uncomfortable. Richburg felt the club saw him more as a potential marketing tool. Ive never been to a place...

Mens Nudist Accommodation New Zealand

Guysers B&B is New Zealand's longest established, clothing optional B&B for men located in the scenic tourist town of Rotorua. The B&B has 2 guest rooms, spa pool, steam sauna, nude sun terrace, guest lounge. The B&B has a homely...

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Social structures and hierarchies at nudist...

The structure I'm describing below is an amalgam of the various resorts I've visited over the years. So of course this will vary from resort to resort. But here it is, in descending order: - The resort owner/manager. This is the person (or...

United Kingdom (UK) nudist Places to meet...

anyone know where you can meet other nudist in club or pool or resort, or camp site or beach

The Natural Curacao?

Has anybody been to The Natural Curacao? It looks like a nice place and definitely somewhere that I'd like to visit but I haven't heard any feedback on what it's like there. Thanks

Holiday friends

As you know by my profile, I am a nudist and I have been looking for a long time now for a long-term female friend, or a family who would enjoy nudism with me both at home and on holidays, in my mobile holiday home.

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Suggestions for 1st timer

I am sure there is probably another thread like this on here, so my apologies for starting this one. I am just looking for some good advice on a decent resort in the US in December. I figure this would put me in Arizona California or Florida kind of...

Nudist Resort Tenerife?

Hi does anyone know any nudist resorts in Tenerife, ive searched the Internet and can't find any, I know Gran Canaria has lots but I wanted to go to Tenerife

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Looking for a Uk cottage with a private hot...

Im planning on having a quiet few days away from the hustle and bustle that lifes giving us at the moment. Im looking for somewhere with a secluded hot tub for some chilled nude time