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hidden beach resort

returning again on dec 31st happy new year

Shangri La Ranch, Phoenix AZ

I spent another nice day at Shangri La Ranch just north of Phoenix. Sunny and temp in the low 80's! The unheated pool is closed now but the spa and heated pool are both open. There's a daily water volleyball game that starts about 1:30 that...

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Naturism in Asia

HiDoes anybody know of naturist places in Indonesia - Bali? Or other places in Asia.I want to go to asia this summer and was wondering if there was any places in Asia where it was possible to go nude. I know there are some in Thailand, but I want to...

Grand Lido in Jamaica or Hidden Beach in...

Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but it looks as good as any. My wife and I are looking to go for a Nakation next year and wondering where we should go. For those that have been to either Grand Lido in Negril, Jamaica or Hidden Beach...


Hi,We will be making our first visit to Vera Playa on september 5th staying at Vera playa club hotel.could do with some advice,better still will any TNs be there at the same time it would be nice to meet up.

nudist getaway...

Hi I am going to Pacific Sun Friends for the next few days ..look me up for a chat cheers

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South Africa

Good day. Newbie here and would love suggestions for very private getaways in South Africa. Not comfortable around lots of people yet.. Thank you!

Spain - nudist accommodation ideas in...

Hey !! We live in Barcelona and looking for naturist accommodation or resort ideas. We are looking to get away for a few days but not sure where to go. We looked at Tempo del Sol but they are fully booked, and also looked at El Fonoll but seen mixed...

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Guysers Gaystay for men

Gay naturists planning a trip to New Zealand, Guysers Gaystay is a men-only clothing optional B&B in Rotorua city where you can be naked 24/7 if you wish. Comfortable stylish rooms each with dedicated bathrooms, free wi-fi, warm shared lounge,...

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Koversada, Croatia

I will be staying at Koversada Resort Croatia for 1 week in September, wondering if there's any other guys also there...?

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