You don't have to look

As a lot of you know, I grew up in a nudist atmosphere all my life since I was a little kid.alot of folks(mainly female showing up unannounced to my house, pretty much know that I'm not putting clothes on. But we had somebody move in with us temporarily and she wasn't aware. But she was pleasantly surprised.wrll that's what she said anyway. But her husband got jealous and he left. now it's just her. so now she's a nudist and at the house also. And Things Are very convenient so to speak. I have always told people if you don't like it don't look. If nudity is something that upset you are pushes your buttons. Then don't come to my house. There are certain occasions where I will oblige certain people. but most the time you get what you see. so out of 26 or 27 people that used to come over here, there's only 7 that do not come over without calling. Sometimes I feel like a sideshow Attraction LOL. I've actually had people tell me from time to time that they don't even notice that I'm nude because I'm always joking around. And that's pretty much the point where you know you've accomplished gold make everybody feel comfortable.

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