Places in iowa

Are there any places,,,even private that Iowa nudist can enjoy a day outside nude in Iowa?
I read on here about place in coggon Iowa,lvc campground has anyone been there,,,I looked it up cause I live close,,,,maybe someone could look into it for Iowans and organize a nudist weekend camping there???

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RE:Places in iowa

The place in Coggan is for men only it appears. If I can remember their name I'll get back to you. Check the Groups by searching Iowa and there is a discussion in there. The former Camelot group in Des Moines does still have some events in the summer and occasional house party. There is also a small private campground near Indianola. I can tell you of many spots where you can get some hiking, biking or river sun. PM me.

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RE:Places in iowa

Also interested places in Iowa. Have not had much chance to be nude outdoors and would love to do more.

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RE:Places in iowa

Blue Lake resort in Erie Illinois just right into Illinois close to Iowa.

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RE:Places in iowa

One of my favorites is biking naked. There are many rail trails in IA where this is possible, sometimes for many miles at a time. Know the section you want to ride, we ride with a pair of shorts and tshirt on the handlebars. Since you can usually see 1/2 mi ahead, you will have time to get off to the side and get dressed but this has only happened a couple of times in a few hundred rides. If you access the county park guide you will find several parks and trails you didn't know about. One of my favorite biking trail isn't even on the map cause it is undeveloped, with rough gravel but this ensures very little traffic. Some of the rail trails provide good access to streams where you can hike just out of sight from a bridge and layout on a sandbar or play in the water naked.

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