The User Experience

I am re posting this because I am not sure how many of our users actually click on the "BLOG" tab. We started something called "The user experience" and it is actual blogs from our users. I explain it below and every few weeks we're adding more blog pieces from actual users. I've attached a few links in case you missed some of the unique experiences our users have shared. I am so proud of each and every one of them sharing their journey with us.

The nudist experience
We have such a broad worldwide user base that we feel that it would be interesting to get unique personal nudist experiences and perspectives from actual fellow nudists.

A while back we asked if people were interested in blogging. Many responded with enthusiasm. As more and more pieces come in we will share all types of practice. From lounging at a nude beach to going to a nude resort with one's spouse for the first time. There is no theme or rule book to follow. These are true takes on what users have dealt with and what they have overcome and also a true heartwarming look into why they practice this thing called "nudism". It is truly different for everyone.

Please understand that these are actual users not professional writers and each just wants to share their view.


To name a few shared so far:


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RE:The User Experience

My blog posts have attracted some readers which is nice it makes writing more rewarding if you get feedback, several people have friended or messaged me thanking me for my words as they had a value to them so it works. i think the problem is you have 2 blog links one is the one with my ultimate connection etc on and the other that i also use is the unmoderated anyone can write anything and post it blog link under my feed . The second area is pointless as you have lots of crap being written that should be in forums so it can be challenged, and this is mixed with good posts that are then missed as readers have clicked off after reading the rubbish. You need to wade through it to find something worth reading. Even i have stopped reading these now.

The main blog is checked by you for relevance, content etc and that is valuable. Blogs are a great idea but allowing open posting without your oversight opens them up to become rant fodder. We have the forums for that. So for me the better user experience would be to only have one blog that you invite content and moderate. In addition the ability perhaps for members to be able to have a blog under their own profiles not in a public blog link as at present. That way people who like what they write can follow the member by friending them and checking their profile to gain access to the blog posts, that might encourage the social aspect on here. If you want any more articles just ask, i think the site is great.

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RE:The User Experience

sorry another point under the general blogs link from my feed section- you click on the title of the blog and it comes up with - friends only can read this blog post? that really makes this section pointless, or you want to talk to the blogger about what they have written and you get no reply as they do not accept your message, due to you being male, single, an alien or whatever criteria. Again pointless.

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