On my way to FlL for 2 weeks.
Not much opportunity to be nude in public as we are not going to any clothing optional resorts.
Intend to be nude in the room essentially whenever I am in it. Too cold for even indoor nudity at home.
Also only packing speedo solars for sunning and swimming so will have only the minimal coverage allowed in most locations.

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Starting home today.
Was at the beach 5 times and pool 9 on the trip, always in a speedo.
Didn't get as much nude time as I had hoped for because:
One hotel's internet was so slow in the room that I had to use my computer outside.
Another hotel had no desk, table or chair in the room, only on the porch.
On the other hand, one hotel had split shutters on the windows so you could open the top half to let sunshine in but still have complete privacy.

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