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Whatever happened to the female bush? When did it become weird to see a woman with pubic hair? I miss the old days when people were natural. Thoughts???

Sleeping nude or partial nude when it start...

I been sleeping nude from March to September. But now that it getting colder in the UK, I kind of experiment sleeping partial nude - that is wearing the top PJ and not the trousers. I getting used to this now, so still feel as I am sleeping nude and...

Is it OK to make a complement to another...

As a nudist is it OK to complement a nudists on their naked bodies? Would you feel comfortable saying it in person at the beach, resort, or in a gathering of other nudist. Or do you feel it is safer in making a complement to a photo that was posted...

Flag a fake

User is using a well known model's photograph so presumably a fake profile Debby19 Rocky Mount, North Carolina US

People you know

Ok I have a question, have you ever been chatting to someone on here only to find out you know them from work or friends?

Scar from Open Heart Surgery

I'm a 71 y.o. male who had open heart surgery 7 weeks ago. I now have a vertical scar on my chest running about 9 inches. I'm a little self conscious about my appearance now. Anybody else with a "zipper chest" and how do you deal...

Nudist Nothing to Hide

Nudism is a richer and simpler lifestyle that removes barriers between people. Those here who have already embraced nudism already know all about the positive body acceptance that one finds in our lifestyle. Then there are those among us who are new...

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My family does not tolerate naturism / nudism

Hi all. I'm 26 and I love freedom. Unfortunately, my family is very conservative and religious. I'm only naked when I'm home alone. How can I somehow convince my family that naturism / nudism is okay?

Only One of a Clothing Item

What clothing items, other than outerwear and footwear, do you wear rarely enough that one is all you need? I only have one underwear and swimsuit. Also only one pair of jeans, but I do also have 2 dress casual slacks and cargo pants.

Ocala National Forest Hiking

I'm looking for a companion or companions for nude hiking in the Ocala National Forest. Anyone interested?

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