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2018 Olympics "Nipple Gate"

For those that missed it, here's a screenshot. For the most part, if I didn't know to look for it, I probably never would have noticed it. Her neck clasp came undone at the very beginning of the routine, and there were minor hints at...

Having a Private Profile on This Site

Hi, So I have been reading through profiles and I notice that some people opt for public profiles while others opt for private profiles. I honestly think it should be to each his own, but I have noticed that people think that you shouldn't be a...

Nudity and Illness

Having just gone through a two week long cold / flu combo, it had me wondering how others nudists respond to being ill. Do you find yourself covering up more when ill or do you stick with your nudist routine. I stayed nude but did keep a blanket on...


On my way to FlL for 2 weeks. Not much opportunity to be nude in public as we are not going to any clothing optional resorts. Intend to be nude in the room essentially whenever I am in it. Too cold for even indoor nudity at home. Also only packing...

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looking for nudist

i am male single 33 years old nudist looking for nudist in wagga wagga or close by to hang with males females and families welcome if you live in wagga wagga make contact with me here

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nude events in the city

I have seen where San Fran. held an event recently. Now I tend to read the comments and wow those comments can be rude....old, wrinkley, gross fat should stay in clothes etc etc....I tend to wonder if the nudists were to be "10s" perfect...

Backyard Nudist

Being new to nudism, I've been wanting to go nude in my backyard. Unfortunately, all the hoses are relatively close together, and they are multi-story. Even though there are trees and shrubs, it's still too easy for the neighbours to see into...

Korean Spas in Atlanta Area

Has anyone been to Qi Clay or Gangnam Spa in the Atlanta area and can give feedback? I've been to Jeju and enjoy going there, but thought about checking the other places out. Thanks in advance!!

Adding Sister to my Nudism Lifestyle

Recently had a phone conversation with my 65-year-old sister. During it she mentioned she needed something to hold onto when getting up from the floor. I asked my wife if she can do it and she wasnt sure. I showed her an easy way to do it and she was...

Background Actor/Artists who are nudists in...

I am a Background Actor/Artist. I work in Hollywood as an extra, and would like to do practice for auditions with people. If anyone whod like to do some audition practice, in the Los Angeles area, message me.

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