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Warm enough yesterday for some nude time in the back yard. Doesn't happen often in October. Should be sunny and warm again today so hoping to do so again. Rain tomorrow and suddenly cooler Sunday, so that may be my last chance until April.

Longest time spent nude

What is the longest time you have spent nude in a continuous period? Putting on shorts, shirt, robe etc., stops the clock for this. So from the time you first got nude until you put something on. Footwear won't count for this, as well as a hat...

Resort Staff: Nude or Clothed

On my thread about checking in, there have been a few comments about the check in staff being nude. For those of you who have been to multiple resorts, how common is this?

Flag a fake

User is using a well known model's photograph so presumably a fake profile Debby19 Rocky Mount, North Carolina US

If there is a movie that nudism puts in a...

For me personally an oldie a British tv movie made a lot of commotion at the time, but looking back it is great, People were not ready yet? Educating Julie. It's a bit out of fashion but a good story.

Naturism Symbol - have you heard of it?

There is now a movement to use a symbol for naturism that is not in you face about nudity, look here: There are different formats to download for free. There is even a video explaining the reason and the creation of...

My visit to the doctor's office.

Hope this is the right place to post this. Two weeks ago I had my yearly check-up. When the Dr. completed the exam he took a seat and as I was standing there wearing nothing but the provided gown the Dr. said that I could get dressed so I took off...

My Most Exciting Experience

I was shy in my younger years and when I decided to expand my nudity lifestyle to a social setting of men and women it was a big step for me. The last time I was naked was in the high school locker room with other guys. I was on vacation when I...

Did You Ever Notice?

Did you ever notice that while nudists generally don't have a problem with others seeing their bodies, many will hide their underwear. I guess old habits die hard. DesertRat

interesting comparison

I left a comment on another social media page stating that I will ride Amtrak again once they dropped the mask mandates. Overall people agreed with my statement. But one guy left this response " I will ride Amtrak again when they drop the pants...

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