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any nudists that are sausage makers /smokers

i was sitting here this morning making up a list of things i need to order to make 150 lbs of smoked sausage and i got to wondering if i was the only naked sausage maker

Best places to work nude?

I have been looking around, I cant seem to really find any place that either isnt a resort or goes back to working at home self employeed, and its not that I mind working at home, im just not ready for it yet. Working at a nudist resort is fine, Its...

Background Actor/Artists who are nudists in...

I am a Background Actor/Artist. I work in Hollywood as an extra, and would like to do practice for auditions with people. If anyone whod like to do some audition practice, in the Los Angeles area, message me.

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Who's an AANR Member?

Hey, I've been really trying to decide about enrolling in an aanr membership. I read pretty much a brief glimpse of what's included in the membership on their website. However, I'm wondering if there's bigger surprises that...

Westworld or Nude World?

I just started watching the series Westworld. 1. Because I am a Michael Crichton fan and 2. I like sci fi just as much. I was very surprised at how much nudity there was in the film. No, not Game of Thrones gratuitous sex, though there are some sexy...

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New nudist friends

Hey all. Im a lonely nudist here in a small town in western ky. Looking to branch out and find others. Looking for open communication and open pic sendin back and forth. Men, women, couples welcome. For those with kik mine is Eliteshot921 Snapchat is...

Nude Yoga

Hello from Germany, have you ever made experiences with nude yoga? As a genuine naturist I am intrigued by it. What are your experiences with it? Is there someone who would teach me or do some yoga via Skype? I would prefer a woman, because I get...

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Something about a clothing-optional party in...

Hey, I don't know if this is true or not? I heard this is supposed to be an event as a fundraiser/sponsor for the upcoming Philly Naked Bike Ride this summer. If this in fact is true, can someone please send me more info such as the date, time,...

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Bacon Loving Nudists REJOICE

I have seen on here many times not to fry bacon while nude. Wear an apron or some other covering while frying it, is usually mentioned. I discovered a method to fry bacon that is safe to do nude, without getting spattered with grease from the...


So I took a stroll into the Gallery and I must admit I was appalled at what I saw. No not the people, but the comments. So many comments are rude, disrespectful and as far as I'm concerned very unbecoming to the true nudist. Are people like 12...

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