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Mazo Beach?

With the weather beginning to warm up, and our thoughts begin to think about nude beaches, can anybody tell me if the DNR has lightened up at all on nudity at Mazo Beach?


Any nudists on snapchat? I have my main personal snap that I use so wont be in my stories but always welcome to snap and chat.No sexual snaps please or you'll be blocked.thejodieehart

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by Bo_diddley 
Gay nudism in South Africa

Seems like we have 5 nudist resorts here now including the beach in KZN, these seem to be "straight" judging by their websites - one even specifying only husband and wife couples allowed. We have been to Voelkop twice but we were...


Just make chat room very plain and simple. Leave out all the high tech Crap. Members stand up and speak out about this....... USAFREEBALL

loosing my nude time

Before I had my mornings(3-5hrs nude) and when ever my youngest was at school(2 days off work during the week so all day nude) or at work(5 evenings a week from 5pm-10pm) to be nude in the house Or up in my room when ever I wanted. But now my oldest...

Topless on a cruise

We are thinking of going to Barcelona for our 20 anniversary, and take a cruise out of there for week. I have been on cruises out of Florida and have seen more thongs then topless and is understandable. But was thinking in the Mediterranean it would...

Chatroom - Banned for????

We were just banned from the chatroom and honestly would just like to know why and what we did wrong? We posted 3 total pics with very minimal comment such as my sweetie...another of Mrs and thanking members for comments. We did inadvertently send 1...

Gallery photos

I have noticed many of the photos in the gallery are marked from deleted user. A lot of them are from questionable user names. Are they there because the user photos are not good enough? The photos in the groups that I belong to seem fine to me....


Who here relocated to a warmer climate, at least partly to be able to be nude more often Going a step further, who has moved to a clothing optional facility in order to be nude whenever the weather permits?

A question for the nudists who have been...

I'm wondering if anyone has noticed that with the internet becoming more and more prevalent that there are more and more nudist. With so much information at the tips of our fingers I feel that it has had to have had some impact. Along with it...

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