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Private Profiles"Priv

Time for me to whine and complain. I've been a certified member of TN for over nine years and never complained but I've got a complaint that irks me to no end. Being a premium member I can see who and how many times someone checks my profile...

Friends List Maintenance Do you do it?

So I decided to go through my friends list and delete people that have not logged on in centuries. Do you ever go through your friends list and do a cleansing? Why or Why not?

Hair removal

So I am curious as to what everyone that is a smoothie uses to remove the hair? Do you just use a razor? Waxing? Other? Has anyone gone as far as permanent hair removal by going laser? I use a razor for my penis and balls while using a good layer of...

Longest time spent nude

What is the longest time you have spent nude in a continuous period? Putting on shorts, shirt, robe etc., stops the clock for this. So from the time you first got nude until you put something on. Footwear won't count for this, as well as a hat if...

Unexpected opportunity to be nude.

Do any of you take advantage of unexpected free time to stay nude? I was supposed to take my brother-in-law on his weekly errands today since he does not drive. However, he called this morning and said that he didn't want to go because of...


Any nudists on snapchat? I have my main personal snap that I use so wont be in my stories but always welcome to snap and chat.No sexual snaps please or you'll be blocked.thejodieehart

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by edinudelad 
Facebook Censors Rubens Paintings for Nudity...

Hows that algorithm working out?Now the Flemish tourism bureau has playfully hit back at the social media platforms decision. Breasts, buttocks and Peter Paul Rubenss cherubs are all considered indecent. Not by us, but by you, reads the bureaus...

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Missed Opportunity

While in college, four of us rented a duplex for a year starting in the summer. During the summer only two of us were staying there while the other two were back home working summer jobs. One hot day the girlfriend of one of the guys back home was...

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Nudist Friendly Accommodations in the Central...

My job will be taking me to Modesto, California for a few months starting this week later this week (7/23/2018) and likely ending in October or November. Does anyone know of any nudist-friendly living arrangements that they could connect me with that...

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Anyone know of a place in OKC to swim nude?

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