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1st Warm Morning to have Coffee Outside

Personally I think 412 is a much nicer day than 420. Today was the first morning prior to noontime that I was able to venture outside at 7:00 am nude to have my morning cup of coffee. What an enjoyable feeling it was to have the warm sunshine comfort...

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Yorkshire nudists

Is there anywhere in Yorkshire you can go naked? Either in or outdoors?

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RE: special naturist event taking place in...

Hi all, this is a shout-out to the naturist community about a special event taking place in NYC, in early September. It's going to be called the "Ultimate Freedom Concert", and it's going to be produced by a naturist musician I met...

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Have you ever saw someone you know at a...

Just a random thought that I got. Has anyone ever seen a Friend or someone you know at a nudist event/club? How did it turn out?The reason I ask is I happen to stumble upon a picture of a family member posted online for the Chicago naked bike ride....

World record question

If you could set a world record of something done naked what category would you want to have your name listed in the record books? For example , Longest walk done in the buff, Posed for the most art classes or whatever. There does not have to be a...

Is nudism mainly a guy thing ?

Spent the whole day nude except for a trip to the post office. Too bad I didn't have a girlfriend to share it with. I see there's not a whole lot of women on here. Is nudism more appealing to dudes than women , what's the deal ?

Anyone ever meet a long term spouse/partner...

I am kind of curious to see if anyone has ever met a long term spouse or partner from this site. There appears to be a great potential to meet someone with a like mind that enjoys nudism. I am not in the market for either, but just kind of curious.

Topless on a cruise

We are thinking of going to Barcelona for our 20 anniversary, and take a cruise out of there for week. I have been on cruises out of Florida and have seen more thongs then topless and is understandable. But was thinking in the Mediterranean it would...

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Denver, Co Naked Roomie Wanted

I am a 46 yo gay man with 2 playful kitties looking for another man to share my 2 bed 2 bath apartment in the Park Hill 4000 complex at Colorado Blvd and 40th. Private room and bath, rent $900 includes all utilities. Please contact if interested

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How did you get your start as a nudist?

It was something I found on my own when I was in my mid 30's. I wish I had found it sooner so I could of raised my daughter as one. But was to late. But at least I found to it and never looked back. 1) told by a friend about nudist2) told by a...

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