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one of the few good things about getting...

one of the few ( and i do mean few ) good things about getting older is that we don't have to give a damn what other people think !! when your young and working you might be concerned that your neighbors might find out your a nudist or whatever...


Hi been on this site a few years now and had the odd meet but find it hard to find others around my age to hang with or events other than the swims. Anyone else know of other activities or groups available? Thanks

Only Nudist

As the only nudist in my house, the only place I can really be naked is my bedroom, but on occasion if I'm alone or if I find a good time, I'll sneak a little bit of time to be naked around the house. Does anyone have a similar situation like...

Window Film

Has anybody tried window film for extra privacy? I don't want to obstruct my view, but I want to add some privacy at night when the interior lights are on. Thanks, Laker

YNA needs to be renamed

My experience with "young" naturists America? There is literally no one under the age of 35. Not to be rude, but seems pretty misleading when it's more like OLD naturists America. I could also just start my own groups and disavow YNA....


How does a person put a picture in the Gallery section?

Minimal Time Clothed

We have a thread for the longest time nude, but I have a similar but somewhat different question. We all have to get dressed from time to time for something, especially since most of us don't live in a clothing optional community. Was there a...

WhatsApp Group Social Nudists Chat

Im not on here all the time and am more able to chat on apps on the phone so have decided to create a whatsapp Groups for all us Nudists to chat. if your interest in chatting with other nudists then i post the link below. The Group is closely...

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loosing my nude time

Before I had my mornings(3-5hrs nude) and when ever my youngest was at school(2 days off work during the week so all day nude) or at work(5 evenings a week from 5pm-10pm) to be nude in the house Or up in my room when ever I wanted. But now my oldest...

The prudes are attacking

I just signed the petition on "Shut Down the Petition to Shut Down the Nude Sliding Event. I think this is important. Will you sign it too? Heres the link:...

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