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My wife and I have been watching the eight seasons of Dexter on Netflix. We are starting season six. Twice I have seen naked males getting out of bed (creatively hiding their genitals) and walking away from the camera. What makes this interesting is...

Messaging not working? (or is it just me?)

When I type a reply to a message and press "send" the message doesn't get sent. Also tried sending a fresh message to someone, same thing. Was working fine about 30 minutes ago. Anyone else having this problem?

Boating Lake Powell

Anyone planing trips or visit Lake Powell on a regular basis?

The ESPN Body Issue 2018

For ten years ESPN has released a "Body Issue" to celebrate Athletes and I dare say Naturism. For those familiar do you feel that it helps expand naturism or is it more harmful in that it shows mostly athletes and those with fit bodies and...

How does Nudism culture exactly deals with...

Hello there fellow nudism fellows, I am learning about your culture, and the most important question that comes into my mind every time I think about nudism, out of pure curiosity is that how exactly Nudism culture/families deal with puberty of their...

Consolidating groups is it possible?

I have joined several groups that interest me over the years as i found them. Now that it is more cumbersome to scan through the groups I find myself not visiting as many. Then I got to looking how many of them overlap in interest. For example I am a...

Heat wave

Heat wave in the mid Atlantic area starting today and lasting more than a week. I intend to be nude as much as possible and wear the absolute minimum when I have to wear something. Who else is doing the same?

Just rambling.

Hi: I'm Mike. If you truly enjoy an activity or life style say clothing design,motorcycle,cooking,boating what ever, you like to socialize with others who share your passion. You often make lasting friendships with others even if you disagre on...


For those of you who are almost always nude, how do you handle washing your clothes? Combine them with sheets and towels? Wait a long time until you have a load of just clothe?

I Feel Trapped

I feel Trapped Do you feel trapped? Like an animal in a cage/ I dont know what your cage is. My cage is not having the freedom to enjoy the outdoors in the nude. I use to hike in the nude often and in a lot of different places. Then there came the...

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