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First time at a clothing optional beach

My first experience is a bit mixed. I enjoyed the sun and breeze as well as the water, alternated between swimming and sunning. However, I did find it a bit boring and did not stay for more than about an hour. I have to say that my observations of...

Not sure where this fits

There seems to be a problem of males "invading" the Ladies Room. I think that the Ladies Room is a place for the women to discuss issues among themselves. With the male "invasion", no wonder why there are so few women...

Non-Landed Groups and Venues

Hi TN community, I'm in a few non-landed groups and have noticed a common problem. No one is able to host! There are legitimate concerns such as not wanting to invite complete strangers in one's home, or more simply that most of us don't...

Nudist Muslim Girl

Hello friends. I am a Muslim girl from Asia. Pretty conservative society, specially in Muslim community. what do you folks think about nudism in Muslims. I am practicing home nudism since more than a year. Its tough to be a nudist from asian...

closet nudists

somebody asked how can I be a closet nudists. their is no nudist beaches around here so I am nude when I can, because the wife is not a nudist, and would have a cow. wish I could meet a buddy who has the room so we both could enjoy friendship with...

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Plans for Fall and Winter

For many of us in the USA and many places Summer is coming to a rest and we are venturing into the Fall and Winter seasons. What are your plans as far as naturism for the Fall and Winter? I plan on hosting as many nudist events as possible as well as...

Article on nude places in Austin

The Austin American Statesman ran an article on nude locales in Austin. Its also a nice story about how the author first became a naturist. In addition to the information, its a very nudism-friendly article.Before you start with the lectures, let me...

Article About St. Louis Naked Bike Ride

I ran across an article about St. Louiss edition of the World Naked Bike Ride. The article includes photos.The World Naked Bike Ride returned to the Grove on Saturday, and it brought a flesh feast for the eyes. The bare-as-you-dare bike ride, now in...

Labor Day holiday

Hello everyone. I am wishing everyone and your families a safe and Happy Labor Day holiday! May all of your treats come out nice and tasty if you are cooking or manning the grill! Nudistken

Nudists and/or Nudist Groups - Ottawa area

We are a mid-fifties couple looking for nudists and/or nudist groups to hookup with in the Ottawa, Canada area. Please send any input to, and we'll get back to you and share info...

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