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Hair removal

So I am curious as to what everyone that is a smoothie uses to remove the hair? Do you just use a razor? Waxing? Other? Has anyone gone as far as permanent hair removal by going laser? I use a razor for my penis and balls while using a good layer of...

teamtrue has some sorry mods.

I think there should be a way to really show how bad some of the mods are. And too, some mods have rules that other mods don't have. It's a guessing game in the chatroom. If you're female, you have an advantage. If you're in the...

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For those of you who are almost always nude, how do you handle washing your clothes? Combine them with sheets and towels? Wait a long time until you have a load of just clothe?

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Working from Home as A nudist

So I really enjoy the fact that I have a work from home job and I'm able to work home in the buff. What types of jobs do you wish you could do nude without the hassle of clothes? There's so much out there. If only the pay was excellent. Naked...

Community Activity

Do any of you who live in a clothing optional community get involved in activities outside the communitly? If so, what kinds of activities? Do any of the participants know where you live? How did they react when they found out?

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Greek Hospitality in athens

I m looking for friends around the world 18-35 years old who they like to visit Greece i can host nudists friends in my apartment for free

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Rental unit at NFNC nudist club near...

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Single males?

Why is it that single males are shunned in the nudist community? Im only 24 does anyone really expect me to have a partner and kids? The closest nudist resort told me they dont allow single males and hung up on me. They also told me that two males...

Older Nudists

I have looked at other nudist sites, the one's that didn't turn out to be porn sites. On these sites they always show young people frolicking on the beach or in a forest setting nude, never older nudists. I have no problem with younger nude...

Reasons for Being Naked

Here are the reasons I plan on giving my daughter, who is studying to be a vet and thus has a scientific/biological mind, for being a nudist. Tell me what you think of these.1.)We evolved to regulate heat better than our prey; thus, we are relatively...

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