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Spring has Sprung!!!

Happy Spring Everyone, I pray that you all are enjoying the change in the weather. I do understand that some places still have the little winter snap still in the air. I'm excited about spring. Now remember if you are enjoying outdoor time, wear...

Skype accounts

Like some people in here, I have a Skype account. In Microsoft's latest update on terms of service, they have made nudity and "offensive" language a target. On May 1 2018, they are going to start going through user profiles and BANNING...

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Male discrimination

I read today that two women and going to run in the London marathon wearing just underwear, bra and knickers. They have been training wearing these and I say Bravo! It will be legal for them. I wonder why men cannot run in just a small pair of...

Longterm rentals in a nudist/naturist...

My wife and I are going to take the rest of 2018 off to travel the country a bit and wanted to find 2-3 rentals in different naturist resorts to stay at, but are having a hard time finding any. There are some long term stay options at some resorts...

Happy Easter!

I am wishing everybody and their families a safe,enjoyable and Happy Easter Sunday tomorrow! May the day be fun especially for the little ones! Nudistken

New to this

I am a new nudist just started hoping it will help he get over being super shy but I don't now where to start any ideas?

Leaving Clothes in the Car

If you have a garage or driveway behind a privacy fence or hedge, do you sometimes strip naked and leave your clothes in the car and enter the house with no clothing in your possession?

How does Nudism culture exactly deals with...

Hello there fellow nudism fellows, I am learning about your culture, and the most important question that comes into my mind every time I think about nudism, out of pure curiosity is that how exactly Nudism culture/families deal with puberty of their...

The Changing Exhibitionist

Ever since realizing I was a nudist (30 years ago at Blacks Beach) I thought I must also be an exhibitionist. I thought being comfortable with other people seeing me naked automatically and officially made me an exhibitionist. But, I considered...

good conversation with the new pastor

My church recently got a new youth pastor. Him and I have had a couple of meals together and had some good conversation about life and travel. Yesterday over lunch somehow the topic of nudity came up and I said " I have a very casual attitude...

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