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WhatsApp Group Social Nudists Chat

Im not on here all the time and am more able to chat on apps on the phone so have decided to create a whatsapp Groups for all us Nudists to chat. if your interest in chatting with other nudists then i post the link below. The Group is closely...

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loosing my nude time

Before I had my mornings(3-5hrs nude) and when ever my youngest was at school(2 days off work during the week so all day nude) or at work(5 evenings a week from 5pm-10pm) to be nude in the house Or up in my room when ever I wanted. But now my oldest...

The prudes are attacking

I just signed the petition on "Shut Down the Petition to Shut Down the Nude Sliding Event. I think this is important. Will you sign it too? Heres the link:...

Airbnb question

Yesterday i got a text thru my Airbnb account asking to stay a few nights plus one question. The question was ' do I get to walk around naked?" The asker must have checked into what my listing title of " Naturist friendly" means...

Premier Inn , Burgess Hill . 21st & 22nd...

Hi I will be in Burgess Hill on both evenings 21st & 22nd January as attending a course there during the day , staying at the Premier Inn if any body wants to have a meet up. Drop me a message if anyone is about :)

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baby sitter /nanny / au pair

hello i am dad of daughter age 3 years old me and my wife are thinking about to look for an au pair girl anyone here having family had experience about au pair in family? or babysitter? is it posible for a nudist family have a babysitter at home?

Nudism and pictures

Hi everyone! Just wanted to see how everyone felt about being photographed nude? Im going to nudist event at a hotel next month which would be my first nude vacation! Although Im super excited I worry about about taking pictures. I know nudism and...

Discord For Community

Happy 2018, Discord is a text messenger with the option of voice chat. I am wondering if this community has a discord server (free to set up)? I did a search and couldn't find anything. Thank you....

SOCIAL Nudist Chat group ( Whatsapp)

Here's the link to join our WhatsApp group brand new. The chat will be closely monitored and anything in towards will be dealt with.

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naked gym

I suspect some of you may already be aware of this but thought I would share it just in case. Take heart folks. Progress....... New York gym offering naked workout classes just in time for your New Year's resolutions Those looking to get buff...

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