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So I get a friend request from Melisa07

And along with the request is the comment: "Can we chat now?" That's gotta be a bogus account correct? Just checking... Jeff


How long does it take to have my account upgraded after I have paid for the upgrade.

Opening a new naturist landed club

So there is a Golf club that closed in Pinellas County Florida. The owner appears to be starry eyed to develop the nearly 100 Acre plot but I think he may have a hard time as the land is zoned for "Open/Recreational". A few years ago the...

Where to put my nudist story

I've written my story on how I became a nudist and things that have happened along the way to shape my love of nudism. Any thoughts as to where the best place to post that would be? In a forum? Or is there a group for things like that? Thanks in...

Camp Dan

Anyone have any information about Camp Dan in Utah?

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teamtrue has some sorry mods.

I think there should be a way to really show how bad some of the mods are. And too, some mods have rules that other mods don't have. It's a guessing game in the chatroom. If you're female, you have an advantage. If you're in the...

The Innocence of Nudity

I started a new group called "The Innocence of Nudity".It is a gallery of photos from a more innocent day and time when nudity was not frowned upon or considered obscene.I have uploaded many photos that I have found on the internet that...

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Mens Health Magazine

The article is over a year and a half old, but a friend tweeted it out this morning. I found it interesting because although I catch links to articles like this fairly regularly from womens magazines and websites, I usually dont see them from mens...

Towel Story

I have a friend who got into nudism around the time we met. Id love to take credit for it, but she was just someone that liked to be naked that I was lucky to become friends with. Once, she came to town for a few days so we made the trek to our local...

Uk Brighton

I'm looking for some friends in the Uk near Brighton. I'm a Portuguese male living in the Uk. Drop a message. ;)

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