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Guide: How to Identify a Fake Profile

(Copy the links in to your address bar at the top of your web browser in a separate tab to view images in this post)1. Choose the profile in Question. Example: Get an image of the personA. Press Print...

UK Clocks forward tonight.

Don't forget to put your clocks forward 0one hour tonight.

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A strange person sent me this request.

So a woman who is a member here by the name of notclothed_oc7908 sent me a message saying she had something she wanted to discuss with me in private and asked for my e-mail. Now i have never had any discussion with this woman and i have never heard...

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by shatterhand 
Nude Kayaking

Just wondering if anyone out there goes kayaking in the nude. I'm seeking nude kayaking partners in SE WI.

A pet peeve

When someone with a "couple" account makes a post and does not sign with one of their names. You don't know which one of the couple made the post. Bob

What's the big deal?

Had a chance to visit a Icelandic swimming pool today. Some actually go to swim but most go for the extensive soaking pools with various water temps. All outside which was perfect on this spring-like day with the sun out and temps just above...

Naturist/Nudist Revolution

Hi Everyone! I'm new here, but not new to naturism, so I'm not sure if a question like this has been asked before, but here we go... Do you think there will ever be a nude/body freedom revolution where non-sexual public nudity is generally...

Naked movie/tv extra

Has anyone appeared nude as en extra in a movie or tv show? How was your experience, and how did you get into it? Its something on my to-do list as long as I can remember, I know sometimes naturists organizations/clubs get approached looking for...

How old were you when you had your real...

My name is George Winlock and I am interested in knowing how old you were when you had your first real nudist experience. I know we were all born nude so that one does not count. Undressing or being nude in same sex situations like locker rooms or a...

St. Patrick's Day!

Hello everyone. Wishing you all and your families a Happy St. Patty's Day! Enjoy the day,have fun, and may the luck of the Irish be with you! Nudistken

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