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First time at a nudist resort

Finally going to a nudist resort tomorrow with my wife and son!! Very excited, I've only really been naked around the house and a few secluded hiking spots. Can't wait to just relax by the pool nude and wander around and meet people at ease.

I Think I've Been Caught

So a couple days ago, I took a naked adventure in my yard . I live in a wooded area as I currently live in South Carolina in a rural area. I love hiking in the woods when I can. Well I wanted to embrace nature so I went for this hike however upon...

problems with chat

Anyone know why chat takes a long time to load if at all. I noticed it says beta at the top, plus my cam will not work anymore.

Clothing Optional Vacation

Who has traveled to a clothing optional resort and packed no clothing, just wore something for the trip there taken it off upon arrival, and put the same thing back on to drive home? If you did, what did you wear for the trip?

wearing a nude friendly t-shirt

last night we had a meeting of the small group that I am a part of through my church. I wore a t-shirt that I got at Turtle Lake Nudist Resort for doing the nude 5k walk. It says Turtle Lake Resort and has a stylized turtle without it's shell. No...

Looking to relocate

I hope this is the correct place for this [?]. Looking for a nude friendly place to retire - a place to frolic nude 24/7 - ranch, farm, private property, humongous backyard, whatever. I'll help with rent, utilities, etc. Anyone, please PM me if...

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People thinking nudity = sex.

I am on a dating site for some fun realising that it will be a very low chance of finding someone on there, the photo rule is no nude photos so I have pushed the photos as far as I can with using cropped nude photos, with everything above my manhood...

loosing my nude time

Before I had my mornings(3-5hrs nude) and when ever my youngest was at school(2 days off work during the week so all day nude) or at work(5 evenings a week from 5pm-10pm) to be nude in the house Or up in my room when ever I wanted. But now my oldest...

places to visit near down town Orlando...

I'll be going to Orlando Florida for a wedding in September. Does any one know of any places close by to goto to be nude that are single male friendly?

Blocked by users

So I have noticed a few profiles I have clicked on I am blocked. Now I have never spoken with, requested friendships, or have looked at their profile before. Yet I click on their profile to find out more about them and it pops up that they have...

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