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Get wife into nudism

Hello fellow nudists friends. I am a married guy. A certified nudist as well. I am the only one who try to follow nudism. Wife isnt into this lifestyle as of now. I wish if she could also be a nudist, as its always great to be a nudist with your...

Plato on Nudity

I imagine that given where and when he lived that he was naked fairly often. This is from The Republic:Only the barbarians would think that the sight of a naked man is ridiculous and improper.Id apply that to women too.

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Where is the most unexpected place you...

Where and when were you able to bare all that when you started the day or trip you had no idea you would have some nude time? I think one of mine was baring all during the solar eclipse last summer while visiting some friends near Nashville. Where is...

Naked and Green

With concerns about the being good custodians of the environment, I am wondering about the impact of unnecessary clothing. There are studies about the environment impact of all clothing in general. My thoughts concern clothing manufactured and washed...

Nudist and religion.

I am new here, and as I look through the different profiles I see a lot of agnostic and atheist members. As an agnostic myself I was glad to see if, but now wonder what percentage of nudist are non religious. It sure made me feel at home.


Hi been on this site a few years now and had the odd meet but find it hard to find others around my age to hang with or events other than the swims. Anyone else know of other activities or groups available? Thanks

What do y'all do every day in the nude?

I clean the house and work my green house. I just would like to know If I'm the only one that just do every day house work nude?

Private Profiles"Priv

Time for me to whine and complain. I've been a certified member of TN for over nine years and never complained but I've got a complaint that irks me to no end. Being a premium member I can see who and how many times someone checks my profile...

Friends List Maintenance Do you do it?

So I decided to go through my friends list and delete people that have not logged on in centuries. Do you ever go through your friends list and do a cleansing? Why or Why not?

Hair removal

So I am curious as to what everyone that is a smoothie uses to remove the hair? Do you just use a razor? Waxing? Other? Has anyone gone as far as permanent hair removal by going laser? I use a razor for my penis and balls while using a good layer of...

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