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People thinking nudity = sex.

I am on a dating site for some fun realising that it will be a very low chance of finding someone on there, the photo rule is no nude photos so I have pushed the photos as far as I can with using cropped nude photos, with everything above my manhood...

Sat Nude Gardening Day - Great Advertisment

Since Saturday is the annual Nude Gardening Day it would be a great time to start some discussion about nudity. Call your local radio station and ask them to announce it. It would be great if someone could devote their large tilled garden for a...

Symbiose project : body-painting &...

Hello, Im a Parisian artist : I do drawings on canvas, as well as street-art and body-painting. I created an artistic project, Symbiose to make body-paintings and take photographs. Since 2016, Ive been spending a few days or weeks in naturist...

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Nudists near Charlotte NC

Hi I'm new here to the site but not new to nudism. I m looking for other nudists in my area that would like to get together. I live in a very secluded estate with pool and bar and am willing to host the right nudists. Who's out there???

Nudism and pictures

Hi everyone! Just wanted to see how everyone felt about being photographed nude? Im going to nudist event at a hotel next month which would be my first nude vacation! Although Im super excited I worry about about taking pictures. I know nudism and...


Hi been on this site a few years now and had the odd meet but find it hard to find others around my age to hang with or events other than the swims. Anyone else know of other activities or groups available? Thanks

When You Can't Be Nude

... Do you wear as little as possible? No shirt for men and halter top for women? Short shorts? Minimal swimwear? No underwear?

Nudist and religion.

I am new here, and as I look through the different profiles I see a lot of agnostic and atheist members. As an agnostic myself I was glad to see if, but now wonder what percentage of nudist are non religious. It sure made me feel at home.

Longest time spent nude

What is the longest time you have spent nude in a continuous period? Putting on shorts, shirt, robe etc., stops the clock for this. So from the time you first got nude until you put something on. Footwear won't count for this, as well as a hat if...

Nudism and missing out,

Recently I have been spending a lot more time nude then in previous years. My wife isn't into it as much as I am, but does partake sometimes in our back yard and pool. Over the winter, she asked why I was putting more time towards being nude. I...

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