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motorcycles and nudists?

are there any motorcyclists who travel to nudist events etc, and if so how do you go about storing your kit? I rarely use a car and more likely travel by motorbike

Nudist Meets

We are looking for couples and single females in new jersey to attend the Private Nudist Meets we host at our house in Monroe Township New Jersey. We have the following meets scheduled: Thursday October42018 6 PM Friday October52018 6 PM Saturday...

Nude at home

I'm finding myself spending more time naked when I'm home. The trouble with this is I can't go outside other than late at night. I sometimes go out to the shed close the door and nude up to clean the bike or car. Am I alone or are there...

Whos going to AZ this winter

Planning a trip to Arizona this January anyone have any recommendations on where to go or where you are going thanks.


Earlier this year, I contacted a local TN member who was organizing a nude hike in the nearby foothills and then planning to spend some time in nearby hotsprings.We never had the chance to really meet or know each other. But based on the fact I...

Introducing a non nudist to nudism

I'm still new at being a nudist and was wondering the best approach to introduce people to nudism. Especially a new girlfriend.

Tracking (not) wearing clothing

I decided to track how much time I spent (not) wearing certain type of clothing this summer this summer. My goal is 95% without long slacks, 75% shirtless and 50% nude. While this may sound low for someone who is retired, I have a lot of volunteer...


any body in the slidell la. are into nudism lets hook and enoy what we like

incentive to share exposure

I am drawn to encounter nature, and find that doing so in solitude in a state of nature intensifies the experience. Adding other people who are like-minded changes the equation. I live in a conservative region of a conservative country so this...

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Have you ever had an experience of belonging? Most people associate this with the acceptance of a particular group of people and it forms a part of their identity. I recall an incident in which I was soaking alone at a wilderness hot spring on a...

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