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calling all Iowa nudists

I am looking for fellow nudists in Iowa. I live in the Iowa Falls area. Please message me if you are interested in nudists in Iowa.

A real treat

Nov 10th in northern Indiana is rarely 73F full sun and a light breeze. I got over 2 1/2 hours of full nudity in my backyard and was never chilled in fact warmed enough to be glad for the breeze. I read a book about Kenya Africa and just as the sun...

Life drawing and nude photography - UK

Hi - I am relatively inexperienced as a nudist, but would love to try modelling for life drawing or photography and I think this would help my body confidence. However I am nervous of offering myself for a formal group and would prefer to try it one...

WTH would be the reason

WTH would be the reason for having a group called Naked Flasher Women with a cover photo that violates a ton of photo rules on this site?

Friend requests

Whereas I do like to get friend requests, I also think that a curvy young thing sending me a friend request is wasted. I'm sure we all get them, the pouting young thing sending us pictures of themselves, all dressed of course. If you are serious...

Unexpected Exposure

Staying in a hotel and got caught naked in my room. I didn't think it was my day for my room to be cleaned. So was nude. Had just gotten back from a work out at there exercise room. and had a shower, and was in the buff. I didn't even see a...


Hi, Going to Tokyo in a couple of weeks. Any naturist activities going on in that area. I have searched and there is nothing in Japan let alone Tokyo. Japan seems to be a naturist desert. The only thing that comes up is bath houses. ( Sentos ) Cheers

Two Firsts Today

Went to my first nude house party and played my baritone horn nude for an audience for the first time. Had a great time.

The nice kind of house guest to have

I occasionally host people through Airbnb and i do get all kinds. My latest was a young man moving from Colorado to New York and needed a place to put his head down. In his initial inquiry he acknowledged that I am a nudist and that he was totally...


Hi, I will be in Malaga very soon to catch the last bit of sun. I have been to Malaga many times so I have done all the nude resorts and beaches but does anyone know of any naturist "things" that are not widely know that I may have missed....

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