Fellow Airbnb guest

I am staying for a couple of nights in Kuwait. Another guest is from Baltimore and him and I sat up and chatted . Somehow malls and shopping came up and I said I don't shop at them and pretty well outfit myself as needed from used clothing stores. He added " I don't like to buy clothes either since I don't like to wear them". I responded " that sums it up for me too, I normally go nude around home". Later I was casually nude around him while heading to the bathroom. He was still clothed. Maybe tonight he might be casual too.. the host is in another apartment .

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RE:Fellow Airbnb guest

Up date us then. What happened?

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RE:Fellow Airbnb guest

he was not around the second evening but there were other guests about so my nude time was restricted. I did see Jae the next morning when I left but I was clothed at that point. We friended each other on FB and have exchanged messages since. Interesting guy for sure. The next place I stayed was in Abu Dubai where i had a nudist host and one of his Arab friends came over for the evening and bared all too. The Arab guy ended up being my personal tour guide around the city the next day and promised me a tour of Dubai if i came back. I plan to do just that in Jan 2019.

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RE:Fellow Airbnb guest

Interesting the men liked nudity. Did you ask if thier culture generally favors this for males or if they are out of the mainstream in this preference?

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