The Mens Room

Discussions on Male Related issues with Nudism

Longest Time Shirtless

For those of us men who don't live in a clothing optional community, there are a lot of situations where shorts are necessary but shirts are not. In light of that, what is the longest you have been continuously shirtless? My record is 4 days, but...

Tan lines?

How many of y'all don't have any tanlines? I've been wanting to get rid of mind but they're stubborn as hell.

Starting to sleep nude

I would assume that since this is a nudist forum most of us sleep nude. When did you start and what did you wear to bed before that? I was a late starter because it was a long process of reducing sleepwear before I got there.Wore long PJ's year...

not really nudist related but i am...

does brushing your teeth make you want to pee? For as long as I can remember when I am done brushing my teeth i want to turn around and pee into the toilet. Is this just my quirky body or do other guys experience the same result to getting clean...

How do people cope with a big non erect...

I attend our local nude beach each summer with my wife most of the time. I have a 'shower' type of cock that looks like it could be erect even when fully flaccid around 15cm and quite meaty . I attract a lot of attention from most on the...

accidental erections?

hi all, new to all this. always been a bit nervous though about the public nudity in case my willy decides it wants to have a stretch.... its not sexual, but sometimes i get unexplained erections and i worry that people will think im a pervert or...

Gay men are more comfortable than straight...

I find that gays are being more comfortable being nude in front of fellow men than the straight men. What is your opinion on that guys?

BODY piercings

What are your reactions in nude situations if you have genital piercings? I am multi pierced and not an issue at gay events I go to. I was of great interest to many folks at NEW ORLEANS NAKED BIKE RIDE,,, even spectators commented on me, and also at...

Shaving for nude beach

How many guys like to shave off all pubic hair before heading out to a nude beach or nude get together ?

Underwear Free

About a year ago, I stopped wearing underwear and got rid of all that I owned. I had been wearing it less and less for some time before that, especially after I retired. Who else doesn't own any underwear at all?

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