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wearing clothes in the chat room

I admit it does not happen often but when it does it annoys me. When I am in the chat room and someone goes on cam it is normal to see flesh either Male or Femail and hopefully a face too. What annoys me are people wearing clothes, T shirts have...

Shockwave therapy to treat ED

Has anyone tried shockwave therapy to treat a day? I have been using showers for a number of years but lately it is costa stomach issues, so Im looking for another alternative. Thanks in advance.

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He finally stripped down.

I have had a newly single guy staying with me for the past 2 months. His ex threw his and his dog out. I was open and honest about my nude lifestyle from the get go and he was fine with a nude host. But he stayed clothed. Until we got the long out...

SHAVING: other issue

The forums and groups are filled with SHAVING topics. Hair removal(shaving, waxing, etc), whether completely or partially on any part of the body, is not even a requirement for being a nudist/naturist. TN members ask questions all the time,...

Uncut penis embarrassed

I'm uncut american male, is that embarrassing to other intact a.erican men

Uncertainty about circumcision

Hello, I'm 31 years old, and I will probably have to be circumcised. Almost three months ago I had surgery to solve a urological problem, since my frenulum was too short and would pull to much when retracting my foreskin, causing premature...

California guys

Been wanting to go to a report or camp group in California thats clothing optional or fully nude , any one know of any good places to see ?

Shorter Shorts

Some of my gym shorts are wearing out so I ordered 2 new pair yesterday. Since our grandson is here more and I am going less places that expect better dress, my gym shorts have seen a lot of use lately My current supply has inseams in the 8"...

Photo updates

Hi I'm brand new here and not verified yet as really want to see how it goes. This does of course put some restrictions on what I can post until the point I verify. Just wanted to say that I travel the UK with work and was for many years a...

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