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Visiting Cedar Point

Long shot...but decided to head to Cedar Point at the end of August. Anyone in the Sandusky or Cleveland area down to meet up? Plan on spending a couple nights in the area, so will have time on my hands.

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Father and Son Nudity

I hung out nude with my own father. I lived with him in his studio apartment. It was very small. We had no privacy. My dad is a nudist. He encouraged me to join him. I was a shy teenager. I loosened up, and joined him in home nudity. It was a great...

Being naked at home around workmen/builders

I was naked home alone, working at my desk and just generally playing about with my dick, and had a boner. The doorbell rang, and I thought it was a delivery man, and was going to ignore it, as opening with massive boner would be too much. But when...


MINE ARE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moobs - do you embrace yours or detest them?

This is going to be a very open post... I had been an elite level swimmer when younger and my pectoral muscles had always been worked hard. So now well into my 50's and despite trying to keep somewhat fit and having had a life of slim physique,...

Why Men of a Certain Age Love to Get Naked

"Something very strange happens to men as they get older: they like to go nude. ... But unlike most younger men, they feel no embarrassment or regret at being seen naked. You're going about your business when suddenly up he pops. He can be...

1st nude drive in the daytime or night time.

Hauled the garbage to the trash bin about 3.5 miles away. Dropped it off and decided to go down a dirt road. Stripped of shorts and t. Finished the drive home nude. Did the speed limit. Drove home with out a problem. Took the mail into the house and...

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Nudist Resorts - Spain?

Hi men, Open minded guy here, will be in Spain for a couple months and interested in exploring nudist resorts. Looking to chat with men that have explored these resorts, or it would be great to meet up as well! Cheers!

Shorter Shorts

Some of my gym shorts are wearing out so I ordered 2 new pair yesterday. Since our grandson is here more and I am going less places that expect better dress, my gym shorts have seen a lot of use lately My current supply has inseams in the 8"...

Identical Twin Brother

In my 30s I learned that I had an identical twin brother who passed at birth. Learning about this confirmed a ton of my feelings, but also raised a ton of questions. Would my twin have been a nudist? If not, would he have been ok w me? Are there any...

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