The Mens Room

Discussions on Male Related issues with Nudism

Tan lines?

How many of y'all don't have any tanlines? I've been wanting to get rid of mind but they're stubborn as hell.

Why are you shaved?

I am wondering why some men prefer to shave their pubic hair. I know some will say because they like to look, feel etc, or their significant other likes the look/feel etc. But, especially for the older nudists, I wonder how many shave to hide the...

Circumcised and Two Toned

Anyone know if there is a group here dedicated to us guys who are circumcised and have a prominent two toned (or tri-toned) penis (light inner skin toward the glans and contrasting darker outer lower shaft skin, and perhaps an ever different head).

Being shirtless in outdoor public spaces

Here in Georgia I noticed very quickly that taking my shirt off in public as a habit when it's hot outside wasn't really the same as in Florida. A example would be at outdoor music festivals or public parks. Mowing my front yard with a riding...

The Great C**kring Debate

Hi all, I'm almost sure that this has been discussed before, but, I'm very interested to know, what are your thought about nude men wearing a cockring in public? Do you find it offensive, or acceptable? I am very curious to hear your...

Shaving for nude beach

How many guys like to shave off all pubic hair before heading out to a nude beach or nude get together ?

Pee shy?

Is anybody out here in the world pee shy? It boggles the mind but I have no problem walking around on the beach all day, walking around the house all day, but when I am out in the tex world and have to pee in a non-private room I get pee shy.

Whatsapp Group for UK TN

Hey All, I created a Whatsapp Group for Naked Mates here in the UK if you want to be a part of it (UK only) then message me!

Holidays for single men in Spain

Looking at prices for single holidays, it seems ridiculous that often one guy travelling alone pays the same (or even more than a couple). Based in Peniscola Spain which is a seaside resort half way between Barcelona and valencia we offer nude...

How did being 'not as endowed' make...

Walter w/ Q. to men of 'lesser' size. When first at a nudist place, aside from normal nervousness, did you worry because (as wwe all know) 'regular' society is about 'bigger' , that : 1. You'd feel all would be staring &...

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