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Fathers and sons

How many fathers of you let your sons to be naked in front of you or allow them not wearing clothes at home?

Drawn to being a nudist as a young boy

I believe from an early age that I have always been drawn to the nudist lifestyle . As a young boy I have slept in the nude and often spent time in the privacy of my bedroom nude. I have a few times enjoyed being nude outdoors in remote backwoods...

Are you an Absolute Nudist

Recently an article which used the term absolute nudist, suggesting it referred to someone unhesitant and unashamed to openly reveal his or her chosen lifestyle as a nudist to anyone and everyone - someone willing to lay it all on the line for the...

Disagreeable Experience at the Gym Today

I was in the steam room -- nude -- naturally. Some guys came and went -- no big deal. Or so I thought. I got reported before being nude in the steam room and on top of that, for being nude in the shower and not pulling the curtain closed. I asked...

Massage in Cumbria Maybe exchange massage

I had a massage a few years ago by a guy and found it fantastic. Does anyone in the Cumbria area like to give massages? Or maybe we could exchange?

Male roommate wanted - Brooklyn, NY

Im looking for male roommate for a clothing optional home located in East Williamsburg. Is this the right place to post? Can anyone give me some tips?

nude dude here

No mystery to me that my nuts hang lower in heat and higher in cold. No mystery to me that my penis gets erect from time to time during the day and night and has a mind of its own. No mystery to me that some penises are bigger and some penises are...

Latest Postikr?
Whats was Your Nudist Beginning?????

My first "nudist" experience happen at a pretty young age. I was raised in a mountain community and was always looking for places where I could get off bymself for a while to get naked, for instance,in a secluded area by a stream . But I...

Are Male Nudist more Open Minded about being...

I think Male Naturist/nudists are generally more open minded when it comes being seen naked. I do think male nudist are more self confident and accepting so that they don't mind so much. I choose to put my body on display and it doesnt bother me...

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