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UK newbie to the site

Hey everyone, have just joined an d thought I should get myself out there and say hello. Am from Hertfordshire just outside north London.

Father and Son Nudity

I hung out nude with my own father. I lived with him in his studio apartment. It was very small. We had no privacy. My dad is a nudist. He encouraged me to join him. I was a shy teenager. I loosened up, and joined him in home nudity. It was a great...

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by surreal2 
Father and son nudity

So my father is coming to visit in about a month. Usually it's him and my mom but this time around it's just going to be him; I will accompany his stay at the hotel. Now I've made it known to both of my parents (mostly everyone I know...

Lone man

As a male without a participating partner living far away from any major cities I feel Im not welcome to the nudist community

Being naked at home around workmen/builders

I was naked home alone, working at my desk and just generally playing about with my dick, and had a boner. The doorbell rang, and I thought it was a delivery man, and was going to ignore it, as opening with massive boner would be too much. But when...

Drawn to being a nudist as a young boy

I believe from an early age that I have always been drawn to the nudist lifestyle . As a young boy I have slept in the nude and often spent time in the privacy of my bedroom nude. I have a few times enjoyed being nude outdoors in remote backwoods...

Locker room nudity

I went to the gym today and as I was entering a sign was posted that a female employee maybe working in the locker room. Question is how would this affect you in using the locker room and showers. Would this change your naked time in the locker...

More or less

I got roasted by my last post about a real concern i have, so I just deleted it. Let me ask this instead. As I have gotten older, and my body is not the same as it was 25 years ago, I have become much more self conscious and more reluctant to go to...

Nude photography

Does anyone have an experience of being photographed naked? Just curious as a photographer how people on nude beach can react if I ask to take some of their portraits (not necessarily on the beach).

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